How to Get Shadow Blade Operator Skill in Call of Duty: Mobile

You can now unlock and get the Shadow Blade in Call of Duty: Mobile. Remember Katana? It was a skin of the Shadow Blade sword, but now you can also get this Operator Skill from the updated Credit Store in COD Mobile. Initially, this was an exclusive item only available to the Battle Pass buyers, but it is good to see Call of Duty: Mobile bring the sword for everyone.

If you complete the Seasonal and Featured events every new season, you should know that Season 12 is running a Seasonal challenge by the name of “Thrill of the Skill”. This challenge makes use of the Shadow Blade where you have to kill 10 enemies with it.

Shadow Blade – Operator Skill

Shadow Blade - Operator Skill in COD Mobile

Activision updates the Credit Store in Call of Duty: Mobile every two weeks. In the last Season 12 update, Shadow Blade (Common) was added for 2000 Credits. The Store is a major part of the game where the team launches new in-game content, just like the Battle Pass.

According to the official description:

Swiftly kill enemies at close range, while also detecting hostiles within the shroud of any smoke grenade.

How to Unlock Shadow Blade in COD Mobile

Shadow Blade Operator Skill in Credit Store - Call of Duty: Mobile

Follow these steps to unlock the Shadow Blade Operator Skill in COD Mobile:

  • From the main lobby, tap on Store
  • Tap the C icon – seventh tab inside the store
  • Scroll down till you see Shadow Blade
  • Tap on the item to purchase it

Make sure you have enough credits to purchase the Shadow Blade i.e. 2000 credits.

Once you successfully purchase it, you should be able to see this Operator Skill in your loadouts and will be available to equip to any class.

What do you think of this Operator Skill? We loved the Katana when it was first made available and this one is no different. The fact that you can swiftly take down enemies while running around is always interesting.

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  1. I purchased the Shadow Blade with Credits almost 24 hours ago and I can’t still see it. I also purchased another item.
    None of them are visible anywhere in the game.

  2. I don’t see in the credit shop. I think it has been removed.Is there another way to aquire?

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