COD Mobile Season 12 “Going Dark” Update Is Now Live!

The Anniversary update of COD Mobile was a standard setter in terms of mobile gaming. Now, it’s only up-hill from here. The next update is already out and it’s based on the theme “Going Dark”. The Season 12 of COD Mobile is up and running and there are dozens of new features which have made their way to the game.

The developers gave us the patch notes of Season 12 two days before the actual update dropped. They also revealed all the buffs and nerfs that will take place in the new season. In this particular article, we’ll be looking at all the new maps, modes, guns and other updates that have been released.

COD Mobile Season 12 update

Going Dark TDM Playlist

The much awaited night mode is making it’s way not only in one map, but three. Crash, Summit and Hackney Yard, all will be having a night mode and a regular daylight one.

New Multiplayer Map – Hackney Yard

Hackney Yard Map in COD Mobile Season 12

The highly praised map from Modern Warfare has been included in the Mobile version of Call of Duty, and it looks amazing. A mid size map, Hackney Yard will offer all four modes including Domination, Hardpoint, Team DeathMatch and Search & Destroy. A night variant of this map will also be available in the Going Dark TDM Playlist in-game.

COD Mobile Season 12 Events

  • 11/11 – 11/22 ~ Going Dark TDM (MP)
  • 11/11 – 11/22 ~ Hardcore Collection (MP)
  • 11/11 – 11/17 ~ King + Pine 24/7 (MP)
  • 11/11 – 11/19 ~ Brought Nods
    • Event focused around Night Mode
  • 11/11 – 11/29 ~ Surviving Alcatraz (BR)
    • Event focused around Alcatraz
  • 11/13 – 11/19 ~ Best of Black Ops (MP)
  • 11/11 ~ New Set of Seasonal Challenges
  • 11/11 ~ Credit Store Update

Season 12 Battle Pass

COD Mobile Season 12 Battle Pass Rewards

COD Mobile Season 12 has probably the best battle pass out of all seasons. The much awaited Ghost Skin has also been included along with 3 more epic ones. 4 Epic weapons are also available, and you can unlock the new weapon AGR 556 after reaching the 21st tier.

To take a look at the list of these rewards, head on to our article about Season 12 Battle Pass rewards.

Two New Weapons

Just like the last season, when we got the Fennec and NA-45, this time also we are getting two brand new weapons, a pistol and a Sub Machine Gun.


AGR 556 SMG in COD Mobile

The AGR 556 is the brand new SMG in the game. It has a decent fire rate and good mobility. The damage isn’t that great but the 5.56mm 30 round Mag makes it very viable to use. Check out our best gunsmith loadout for the AGR 556 and try it out in-game.

.50 GS

-50 GS new pistol in COD Mobile Season 12

The Desert Eagle (Deagle) is coming in COD Mobile. It hasn’t been released yet, but will be, through a seasonal challenge named Small Arms on 26th of November (UTC). It has a slow fire rate but the main advantage of using this weapon would be that the Akimbo perk can be used with it.

New Operator Skill – Ballistic Shield

Ballistic Shield COD Mobile Season 12

The Ballistic Shield was seen in Call of Duty: Black OPs 4, and now it’s heading toward COD Mobile. Available on the 14th tier of Battle Pass, the Ballistic Shield will save you from enemy bullets and will provide a pistol in one hand to get out of cover and shoot the opposition.

It’ll be highly used in Domination and Hardpoint modes to hold down objectives.

New Seasonal Challenges

Launcher Plus Perk

New challenges have also arrived with the new update. You can complete them to earn some rewards. As of now, we have the Thrill of the Skill, which has the AK-117 – Bronze Arrow as the final reward. Secondly, we have the Rifle Streamroller as our second seasonal challenge, having an Epic Man-o-War Dark Flame as it’s last reward.

We’ll have many more seasonal challenge coming to the game with time. The new perk Launcher Plus and the new pistol .50 GS will be grindable through these challenges.

Credit Store Update

The new credit store update has 2 weapons, a character, a perk and an operator skill. Namely:

  • (Uncommon) RUS-79U – Purple Geode
  • (Rare) GKS – Bug Spray
  • (Rare) Nomad – Bug Spray
  • (Common) Perk – Amped
  • (Common) Operator Skill – Shadow Blade

This was all about the new features, modes, guns, challenges and maps that have come with COD Mobile Season 12. But that’s not where it stops, we’ll be getting many more mid season updates throughout the whole season to make the game better and much more engaging.

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