AGR 556 Gunsmith Loadout and Attachments in Call of Duty: Mobile | Season 12

AGR 556 gunsmith loadout in COD Mobile

Season 11 has finally seen the sunset and now it’s time for the new Season 12 to rule the game. Call of Duty: Mobile releases a new season every month and it’s always better, up-to-date and fluent from the previous one. We get new events, challenges, modes, maps, and guns every 30 days. For the new season 12, whose theme is “Going Dark”, we’ve been given the AGR 556 SMG in the game along with some new gunsmith attachments.

Today, we’ll take a look at the best possible gunsmith loadout of the AGR 556 and will try to make it overpowered.

AGR 556 – Overview

AGR 556 SMG in COD Mobile

The newly released SMG is one to look out for. You’ll be able to unlock it on the 21st tier of Season 12’s battle pass. It has a good fire rate and mobility, but, unfortunately the accuracy isn’t that great, the bullet spread will be all over the place at longer ranges if you don’t pick suitable attachments.

It’s effectiveness of prime is short to medium range, just like every SMG. You will be able to play a run & gun type of style with it, but don’t be over aggressive since it’s fire rate is pretty low as compared to the QQ9s and the Fennecs out there. You don’t wanna take a close range fight with those two.

AGR 556 Gunsmith Loadout / Attachments

AGR 556 gunsmith loadout in COD Mobile

The AGR 556 can be converted into an Assault Rifle or a high mobility SMG, depending on the attachments. However, we’ll try to make a very balanced hybrid build for the weapon, which you’ll surely like.

Barrel: MIP Light

The MIP Light barrel will help with the ADS speed and mobility in particular, which is very important during a gunfight, especially a close range one.

Stock: YKM Combat Stock

Again, the ADS speed needs to be as fast as possible. The YKM Combat stock will help in increasing the ADS speed by a lot.

Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical

A go-to laser for literally any gun. The OWC Laser gives you the extra ADS speed along with the increment in bullet spread accuracy. The only down side is that when you scope-in, your laser will be visible.

Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip

Merc Foregrip will help in controlling the vertical recoil of the gun as well as increasing the accuracy will hip-firing.

Ammunition: 30 Round 5.56mm Mag

A must have attachment for the AGR 556. The 30 round mag not only increases the damage by a hefty amount, but also increases the range along with that. Also you get extra bullets in your mag. The negatives include recoil control, ADS speed and just a tad slow fire rate.


  • Great damage and range
  • Good mobility


  • A bit slower fire rate
  • Recoil control

The AGR 556 is a new weapon in the game, and we don’t know yet if it’ll be the META or not. But whatever the case maybe, this gunsmith loadout for the AGR 556 is a must try, and you’ll be lasering people at every range.

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