This is our best gunsmith loadout for the ICR-1 for season 10 in COD Mobile. This AR is known for its extremely high mobility, balanced fire rate, and quite high damage. With our gunsmith loadout for the ICR-1, you’ll surely be able to wipe enemies much quicker with increased accuracy and range.

The ICR-1 is a fully automatic assault rifle with a focus on mobility and overall fire rate. The gun suffers from an overall lack of accuracy (compared to other ARS.) The ICR also has an issue with overall recoil stability at longer ranges. Our gunsmith loadout and attachments for the gun aim to fix these issues.

Here’s our best Gunsmith Loadout for the M4LMG. If your an SMG player, you are in for a treat! Because this time, we focus on turning the base of an M4LMG and all its good characteristics (high damage and range) and combine it with that of an SMG (high fire rate and mobility) to turn this LMG into a beast of a weapon.

The M4LMG was recently featured in our best guns guide for COD Mobile. It has high damage and range but suffers when it comes to general recoil and mobility. The LMG, in general, does the highest damage in its class and this was one of the reasons we considered it to be the best LMG in COD Mobile.

Check out our best QQ9 loadout and Gunsmith attachments for this gun in COD Mobile. This weapon is also known as the MP5. The loadout features high mobility, high fire rate and a focus on increasing range while keeping the damage respectable. This loadout will help you gain an edge on snipers and shotgun players due to the extreme mobility you will have as compared to them.

The QQ9 is a fully automatic sub-machine gun with a focus on high damage, extremely fast fire rate, good accuracy but somewhat high recoil. The range of the QQ9 (without attachments) is short, but with our gunsmith loadout; expect to hit targets at medium range. The QQ9 is arguably the best SMG in the game right now. But, that is subject to change. So, stay tuned for updates.

This is our best gunsmith loadout for the DR-H for season 10 in COD Mobile. It has the highest damage of any AR in the game with the least amount of recoil. This build has a heavy emphasis on increasing the already high base damage of the DR-H even further and reducing its recoil turning it into a monster at every range.

The DR-H is arguably the best AR right now in Season 10. It has very high damage, medium fire rate, and surprisingly good accuracy. The gun is known for its considerably low recoil and the fact that it is good at every range.

This is our best Season 10 gunsmith loadout for the Razorback. It has a heavy emphasis on increasing accuracy, buffing up range and helping users become more agile. This loadout will help you stand toe to toe with most AR users thanks to its low-recoil when ADS’ing and its mobility advantage.

The Razorback is quite a powerful sub-machine gun with very high fire power but unlike most SMG’s has very low fire-rate. The SMG maximizes itself in short / medium range encounters but as mentioned before, is quite good against heavier AR’s like the AK due to its low recoil compared to them. In our opinion, the Razorback is one of the most under-rated weapons in the game.