Type 25 Gunsmith Loadout and Attachments in Call of Duty: Mobile

Type 25 gunsmith loadout for COD Mobile season 12

The Type 25 is one of the most vintage assault rifles of COD Mobile. Many players have memories using the gun in the earlier seasons when it used to be overpowered. It was nerfed quite a lot after the starting 3 to 4 seasons. Last Season 12 however, saw the Type 25 getting buffed and it now shreds at every range.

It is now becoming more and more viable to use in ranked and even in competitive matches or tournaments. Today, we will be looking at the best gunsmith loadout for the Type 25 which will make the most out of the Assault Rifle.

Type 25 – Overview

Type 25 - Infiltrate, available in battle pass of season 12 of COD Mobile

The Type 25 is one of the best assault rifles to use currently in Season 12. It’s lateral recoil has been lessened and now it is pretty stable at longer ranges. It’s fire rate is great if you compare it with the likes of some of the slow firing ARs like the DR-H or ASM-10.

The ADS time of the weapon is pretty fast as well, considering it’s an assault rifle. It’s slowly but surely making it’s way into the current META, and we will soon start to see more and more Type 25 being used inside of ranked and other tournaments alongside.

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Type 25 Gunsmith Loadout / Attachments

Type 25 gunsmith loadout for COD Mobile season 12

The loadout will focus on increasing the damage and damage range. There will be increment in the ADS bullet spread accuracy as well, since it’s one of the most important factor in winning those longer range gunfights.

Now without any further delay, let’s see what attachments suit best for out Type 25 gunsmith loadout for season 12.

Barrel: MIP Extended Light Barrel

The best barrel attachment for Type 25. The MIP Extended Light Barrel not only increases the damage range, but also improves the ADS bullet spread accuracy. The only down side is that the ADS speed is slightly reduced.

Stock: RTC Steady Stock

This particular stock will increase the bullet spread accuracy, flinch stability and lateral recoil control. The two negatives being low ADS speed and movement speed.

Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical

A must have attachment for every gun whether it’s an Assault Rifle or a Submachine gun. The OWC Laser – Tactical covers the lost ADS speed and again boosts the ADS bullet spread accuracy to make the gun more and more accurate for long range gunfights.

Rear Grip: Granulated Grip Tape

Another great attachment especially for mid to long range gunfights. The granulated grip tape improves the accuracy to make the gun an absolute shredder as well as reliable at every circumstance.

Ammunition: Stopping Power Reload

The main attachment to make the Type 25 stand out among other weapons. The Stopping Power Reload not only extends the Damage Range, but also increases the Damage per Shot. You’ll win your gunfight against a Type 25 without the stopping power reload 10/10 times. So don’t forget to use this particular attachment.

However, it reduces some of the ADS speed, reload speed and increases the vertical recoil a bit. But still it’s not that hard to control, especially if you are a gyroscope user.

This was all about our best Type 25 gunsmith loadout. The gun is a beast at every range and you will surely enjoy using it with our suggested attachments.

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