ICR-1 Gunsmith Loadout Attachments in Call of Duty: Mobile | Season 10

ICR 1 Character Skin

This is our best gunsmith loadout for the ICR-1 for season 10 in COD Mobile. This AR is known for its extremely high mobility, balanced fire rate, and quite high damage. With our gunsmith loadout for the ICR-1, you’ll surely be able to wipe enemies much quicker with increased accuracy and range.

The ICR-1 is a fully automatic assault rifle with a focus on mobility and overall fire rate. The gun suffers from an overall lack of accuracy (compared to other ARS.) The ICR also has an issue with overall recoil stability at longer ranges. Our gunsmith loadout and attachments for the gun aim to fix these issues.

ICR-1 Overview and Tips

ICR-1 Gunsmith Loadout

The ICR-1 is a formidable weapon when playing against high mobility SMG players or when playing in more open maps where that extra movement speed and agility will help you survive. The gun requires a large amount of practice as it revolves around the player being quite adept with the movement mechanics of the game.

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For this specific loadout, we recommend sticking to a hybrid gameplay style where players are more reliant on adapting to the situation at hand. As AR’s are generally balanced when it comes to close or long-range skirmishes, this should not be much of an issue. With our specific gunsmith attachments and the general loadout, you should be able to handle most scenarios with ease.

ICR-1 Gunsmith Loadout / Attachments

ICR-1 Gunsmith Loadout

Now, we take a look at our favorite Gunsmith loadout and attachments for the ICR-1. This build is designed by us here at BRGeeks, and we’ve had great success with it!

Muzzle: OWC Light Compensator

The OWC Light Compensator Muzzle for the ICR-1
OWC Light Compensator – ICR-1

The OWC Light Compensator fixes a very core issue ICR users face: The Recoil stability, both lateral and vertical. The Compensator fixes both of these issues significantly while providing a reduction in ADS Speed and Bullet Accuracy.

Barrel: OWC Ranger

The OWC Ranger Barrel
OWC Ranger – ICR-1

The OWC Ranger further increases our Vertical Recoil Control, Range, and compensates for the lost Bullet Accuracy while taking away a significant chunk of Movement Speed (The ICR has a lot of it so it doesn’t matter,) and ADS Speed.

Stock: RTC Ready Stock

The RTC Ready Stock for the ICR-1
RTC Steady Stock – ICR-1

The RTC Ready Stock increases our Lateral Recoil Stability further, increases flinch stability and bullet spread accuracy. This does take a toll on our ADS Speed and ADS Movement Speed but do not worry, you still will be quicker than most AR wielders.

Underbarrel: Ranger Foregrip

The Rangerforegrip
Ranger Foregrip – ICR-1

The Ranger Foregrip helps mainly with our accuracy by stabilizing vertical recoil and also aids in ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy with a hit on ADS Movement Speed.

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Ammunition: 40 Round Fast Reload

The 40 Round Reload for the ICR-1
40 Round Fast Reload – ICR-1

A very core component of this loadout is the addition of a 40 Round Fast Reload to the gun. It really does not take away anything but Movement Speed which the gun already has a lot of. It increases our magazine capacity and also lets you reload faster making you very agile.

To sum it up, here are the pros and cons for this particular build.


  • Extremely high accuracy
  • Very agile even after all the reduction in movement speed


  • Lacks in damage compared to some AR’s
  • Need to learn recoil pattern

This concludes our gunsmith guide for the ICR-1. If you are interested in more Gunsmith loadouts, check out the following weapons:

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