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The Echo is one of the most powerful shotguns in the game. It has recently increased in popularity due to new gunsmith loadouts being introduced for it. The following Echo Gunsmith Loadout leave the gun with almost zero recoil while still doing surprisingly high damage at an impressive range. The Echo also is quite accurate for a shotgun and players have found various ways to exploit these very strengths and turn the gun into a killing machine.

The semi-auto Echo shotgun is known for its consistent recoil, high damage, average mobility and high range. The new gun allows players to weave in and out of fights and inflict massive amounts of damage at a relatively close distance with surprising accuracy. Our Echo gunsmith loadout will ensure quick and swift kills with a proper punch!

Echo – Overview and Tips

Echo Shotgun - An overview, loadouts and attachments.

In this gunsmith loadout, we mainly focus on improving our lateral recoil stability, our accuracy and range. As this loadout does not focus on one-shotting, the gun needs to remain stable so we can keep our aim on the target and make sure we’re doing as much damage as we possibly can.

The loadout is mainly meant for flanker game play styles as it focuses on the player getting an edge on single or multiple opponents as the gun has predictable bullet-spread and accuracy hence, engagements will tend to end quickly so you can quickly move on to the next one. This gunsmith loadout and playstyle is especially useful for SnD (Search and Destroy) game modes.

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Echo Gunsmith Loadout / Attachments

Echo Gunsmith Loadout and Attachments
Credit: Dustin Gaming on YouTube

Now we take a look at our favorite loadout for the new Echo shotgun. This loadout has been tested by us at BRGeeks and we’re getting some serious kills!

Muzzle: Choke

The choke increases damage range and bullet spread density. While using a shotgun, damage range and spread density is extremely important as it allows you to hit consistently. However, this reduces our sprint-to-fire and ADS speed which will be counteracted later on.

Barrel: OWC Marksman

The OWC Marskman increases ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy, damage range and lateral recoil stability. As mentioned earlier, stability is extremely important in order to ensure targets stay in our crosshairs while ADS’ing. This attachment also has a negative impact on our overall mobility.

Ammunition: 25 Round Reload

The 25 Round Reload is of paramount importance when it comes to flanking and engaging multiple targets at once as it increases our magazine capacity quite substantially. The Slug Reload is a viable alternative if the movement speed nerf is alarming but its not worth it as the shotgun already has high damage without it.

Stock: MIP Stalker Stock

The MIP Stalker Stock increases our ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy, our primary focus for this loadout while reducing ADS Movement Speed. This is counteracted by our playstyle which relies on getting a jump on multiple opponents at once who are tightly packed. So, moving your ADS won’t be that important and spread accuracy will be vital.

Laser: MIP Laser 5mW

Increases sprint-to-fire speed which is important for any shotgun particularly the Echo. Moreover, it adds greater hip fire accuracy which is useful when players counter your playstyle, giving you less time to react. The only disadvantage of this attachment are visible laser sight which aren’t that big of a deal as having a shot gun means you are going to be quite close to opponents in the first place.

Gaming Tip for Echo Shotgun

Unlike most shotguns where hip firing is the norm, the echo shotgun deals better, more consistent damage during ADS’ing. So, we recommend using the ADS as often as you can as it also reduces recoil and ensures that your DPS will remain relevant.

This concludes our Echo shotgun loadout. It is extremely powerful in tighter maps where there are no sniping counters or long-range engagements. Moreover, if you use our tip above; you will surely be doing consistent amounts of damage at any stage in the game.

To summarize, here are the Echo gunsmith loadout’s pros and cons:


  • High damage (especially when using ADS.)
  • Great range for a shotgun
  • Virtually no recoil


  • Abysmal at longer range.
  • Lack of movement speed
  • Situational gameplay style

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