COD Mobile Season 10 Weekly Event ‘Bloodthirsty’ Now Available

COD Mobile is currently holding its featured “Bloodthirsty” event. This event allows players to unlock the “Freight Train” skin for both the Outlaw and the Razorback. Alongside this, it offers 2 sprays and a Weapon XP Card as well. To unlock both of these skins, we have attached an easy to follow guide that lists all the tasks you need to do alongside all the rewards. As these events run for a very limited time we recommend that you start playing immediately and complete the tasks in order to unlock all these awards.

COD Mobile is known for its limited awards which grants users with limited exclusive skins, sprays, XP Cards, operator skills and even guns. This event focuses on getting two aesthetically pleasing skins for the Outlaw and Razorback. The way to get them, an overview of the skins and all the other rewards are shown below. Along with this event, another weekly event called Intensity Accelerated is also live!

Bloodthirsty Event – Rewards

Bloodthirsty event 100 XP Reward Razorback - Freight Train
Freight Train – Razorback : The 100 XP Reward

The Bloodthirsty event has two unique weapons skins, two unique sprays and also has weapon XP cards. The highest award in the event is a “Freight Train” skin for the Razorback followed by the same skin-style for the Outlaw.

List of rewards:

  • Spray – Target Practice (20 XP)
  • Weapon XP Card x 10 (30 XP)
  • Spray – Discarded (50 XP)
  • Outlaw – Freight Train (70 XP)
  • Razorback – Freight Train (100 XP)

Note: These rewards are exclusive and will never be available later on. So we recommend completing the tasks shown below as soon as possible!

How To Unlock Freight Train Camo and Other Rewards

Players have to do a certain number of tasks which grant some amount of XP. In order to gain every award you must complete these challenges in any order you may please.

  1. Kill 5 Enemies with Melee weapons in Pine 24/7 Playlist (20 XP)
  2. Get 15 Revenge Kills in any MP Mode (10 XP)
  3. Make 5 Consecutive kills in MP 3 times (10 XP)
  4. Get First Blood 5 times in Pine 24/7 Playlist (20 XP)
  5. Kill 10 Enemies with Pistols equipped with Muzzle (20 XP)
  6. Kill 10 Enemies in MP Matches with Dead Silence perk equipped. (10 XP)
  7. Kill 20 Enemies in Pine 24/7 Playlist (10 XP)
  8. Kill 20 Infected Enemies in AoU mode (10 XP)
  9. Survive for 5 minutes (300 seconds) in AoU mode (10 XP)
  10. Use Predator Missiles 5 time in MP Matches (10 XP)
  11. Play 5 Matches in Pine 24/7 Playlist (10 XP)

Completing all these challenges will earn you about 140 XP, so you can skip some of the challenges and still get the Razorback weapon camo – the top tier reward!

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