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attack of the undead - an overview

Attack of the Undead is a multiplayer game mode initially added in Season 6 of COD Mobile. It features an interesting take on the “Zombies vs Survivors” genre by pitting the two factions head-on in classic COD Mobile maps. The game mode itself is quick and very arcade-y. It features the same gun-mechanics but with a few twists for both the Undead and the Survivors.

The game mode itself has been tried and tested in many other games and COD Mobile is no exception. However, the developers at Tencent added their own twist and made sure Attack of the Undead is both fun and challenging for both of the factions. Keep reading below to find out how to play the game mode and tips and tricks to make sure you win every match!

Attack of the Undead in COD Mobile – Overview

Attack of the Undead - Rules and Overview

This “Attack of the Undead” game mode sees 10 players put up in a rotation of small classic COD Mobile maps like Crash where an “Undead” is randomly chosen from a pool of survivors. The Undead has to eliminate all other survivors thereby turning them into Undead. The survivors have to endure the onslaught of the Undead faction and try to survive for 5 minutes. If they do so, they are declared the winner.

So, now that we’re up to speed about what the game mode is about; its important to note that its much harder to win the game mode as a Survivor since the odds are always stacked against you. Moreover, sometimes a pesky Survivor can be the key to your loss as an Undead player if camps a specific spot really well. So, in order to make sure you play your faction as efficiently as possible, we’ve compiled all the tips and tricks you should follow to ensure a win, no matter what you play!

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Undead perspective - Overview and tips on how to play Undead
The Perspective of an Undead on Crash

AoU Mode: Who are the undead?

The first Undead is chosen randomly among a pool of 10 players. The first Undead is allowed to use their primary weapon to kill a Survivor. Every survivor killed by the Undead converts them to the opposing faction. Their primary weapon is a knife. The Undead also gain a special ability which grants them a burst of movement speed for a short amount of time. The faction also has access to 1 throwing axe which results in an instant kill. They are hard to aim with though! The undead have infinite lives.

Tip: Teamup against pesky survivor players; you still have the same amount of health as a regular player so hording up can help you tank up some shots and ultimately get you close enough to land a kill!

AoU Mode: Who are the survivors?

Survivors are normal players trying to survive the hordes of the Undead. They have the same base movement speed and attack damage. Players get the same loadouts they had before and operator skills are allowed to be chosen at the start of every match. Predetermined equipment and perks are equipped. They are: Vulture, Amped and Restock; mainly aiding faster gameplay and spending less time reloading. The last survivor however, gets a set of special perks: they have increased health and also gain access to a Death Machine with limited ammunition.

Tip: Try to maintain highground! Since the Undead don’t have a way of shooting at you from afar (except their usually inaccurate axe,) it makes sense for survivors to stick to highground where they can easily see the Undead comming and shoot them from a mile away!

This sums up our Attack of the Undead guide, we hope you enjoyed it! If you feel like we’ve missed out on any tips or you have some suggestions you want us to know, feel free to comment down below!

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