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The famous battle royale map Alcatraz from Black Ops 4 is finally here in the Season 11 Anniversary Update for Call of Duty: Mobile. However, it brings with it a few gameplay changes. The design of the map is still the same and it is exciting to see larger maps being ported over from the PC version of the game.

Alcatraz has a ton of exciting events packed and hidden in it. Activision has also optimized certain parts of the map to better suit Battle Royale mobile gameplay. You can look at all the new changes and exclusive images from the map down below!

Call of Duty: Mobile has recently released its Anniversary Update – Season 11. This update includes a wide variety of new features and changes. A fun addition is a new play area or how some might call it a “chilling out area” called The Club in COD Mobile. It is a unique space that is accessible to every player and is meant as a celebration for everything related to COD Mobile’s big first anniversary.

The Club encourages you to play new maps like Alcatraz, while also hoping you’d be into some mini-games, or some plain-old Battle Royale and Multiplayer matches. Keep reading to learn more about all the new things you can do in The Club alongside some exclusive images!

COD Mobile has recently launched its 1st year Anniversary Update. This update includes a ton of new changes and content updates which we’ll surely be covering. But for now, we want to focus on the Heavy Duty event. This lets you unlock 4 unique camos while also giving you access to the newly released Tactician Perk.

The Tactician Perk has been stable in the PC versions of Call of Duty series. Just like its PC counterparts, the perk allows you to use two pieces of tactical equipment at any given point including Trophy Systems. The perk is unlockable only for a limited time. So, get to it!

COD Mobile’s newest event ‘Technogeek” has added many new rewards and camos for players to unlock by doing challenges. The most exciting one is the Hacker class in Battle Royale. Today, we discuss some of the our best Hacker class tips and tricks when playing BR match in Call of Duty: Mobile.

The Hacker Class is the newest one added to the game and is extremely unique compared to previous classes. There has been a mixed reaction to it. Some players like it, and some do not want to use it at all. If you plan on unlocking this Hacker class, there are other rewards as well up for grabs. Find out more about how to unlock Hacker class and other rewards.

Let’s take a look how you can unlock the new Hacker class in COD Mobile BR mode, among other rewards. The latest season for Call of Duty Mobile brings with it exciting updates and new features for both the classic game modes and its battle royale counterpart. Most recently, Activision has just launched a new Battle Royale class called the “Hacker.” It is a class that is reliant on positioning and one that has a keen advantage of blocking out enemy mini-maps and therefore, gaining the potential edge in battle.

The Hacker is the newest class in the Battle Royale game mode. It is quite unique as it is less based on gaining an edge in head-to-head combat but relies on providing the player with a tactical advantage in a skirmish of any kind. The class is especially useful for end game circle fights where positioning is key. Completing the tasks for the Technogeek event unlocks this class alongside other rewards!