How to Unlock Hacker Class in COD Mobile Battle Royale | “Technogeek” Event

Hacker Class in Technogeek Event - COD Mobile

Let’s take a look how you can unlock the new Hacker class in COD Mobile BR mode, among other rewards. The latest season for Call of Duty Mobile brings with it exciting updates and new features for both the classic game modes and its battle royale counterpart. Most recently, Activision has just launched a new Battle Royale class called the “Hacker.” It is a class that is reliant on positioning and one that has a keen advantage of blocking out enemy mini-maps and therefore, gaining the potential edge in battle.

The Hacker is the newest class in the Battle Royale game mode. It is quite unique as it is less based on gaining an edge in head-to-head combat but relies on providing the player with a tactical advantage in a skirmish of any kind. The class is especially useful for end game circle fights where positioning is key. Completing the tasks for the Technogeek event unlocks this class alongside other rewards!

Hacker Battle Royale Class – Overview

Hacker Class - Battle Royale Class in COD Mobile

The Hacker Class in specific lets you gain access to an active and a passive ability. Ice Pick is the active ability which blocks out the mini-maps of nearby enemies and also prevents them from using gadgets. And Hard Wired, the passive ability, allows your radar to not be blocked by any interference and for you to remain hidden in enemy mini-maps.

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Technogeek Event – Rewards

Starting from October 1st of 2020, you will be able to access the exclusive featured event that will let you unlock the Hacker Class and also unlock additional rewards and camos. You must complete all these tasks in order to unlock Hacker and gain access to the rewards.

List of rewards:

  • Parachute – Freight Train (20 XP)
  • Wingsuit – Freight Train (40 XP)
  • ATV – Freight Train (60 XP)
  • Hacker Class (80 XP)
  • Special Ops 3 – Iridescent (100 XP)

Note: These rewards are exclusive and will most probably never show up later. So we recommend completing the tasks shown below as soon as possible!

How To Unlock Hacker Class, Special Ops 3 – Iridescent and Other Rewards

Player have to do certain tasks in order to gain XP in Battle Royale to unlock these rewards. You may do these challenges in any order you like.

  1. Deal 1500 Damage in Battle Royale Matches (10 XP)
  2. Use CO Machine in Downtown 2 Times (10 XP)
  3. Kill 2 Enemies with Headshots in BR (10 XP)
  4. Pick up a Rare Weapon in Battle Royale 5 Times (10 XP)
  5. Land in Radar Base area 2 Times in BR (10 XP)
  6. Kill 3 enemies in Outpost area in Battle Royale (10 XP)
  7. Use armor plates to repair your vest in BR 5 times (10 XP)
  8. Run over and kill 2 Enemies while driving a vehicle in Battle Royale (10 XP)
  9. Use Vending Machine in Black Market 2 Times (10 XP)
  10. Enter the top 20 in Battle Royale 2 times (10 XP)
  11. Survive in Battle Royale for 20 min (10 XP)
  12. Pick up a Customized Weapon from an Airdrop in Battle Royale 3 Times (10 XP)

Completing all these challenges will earn you about 120 XP which means you can skip 2 challenges and still get all the rewards you need.

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