Razorback Loadout and Attachments in COD Mobile | Season 10

Razorback Gunsmith Loadout and Attachments

This is our best Season 10 gunsmith loadout for the Razorback. It has a heavy emphasis on increasing accuracy, buffing up range and helping users become more agile. This loadout will help you stand toe to toe with most AR users thanks to its low-recoil when ADS’ing and its mobility advantage.

The Razorback is quite a powerful sub-machine gun with very high fire power but unlike most SMG’s has very low fire-rate. The SMG maximizes itself in short / medium range encounters but as mentioned before, is quite good against heavier AR’s like the AK due to its low recoil compared to them. In our opinion, the Razorback is one of the most under-rated weapons in the game.

Razorback – Overview and Tips

Razorback - Freight Train Camo - COD Mobile Season 10
Razorback Freight Train Camo

The Razorback requires you to rank up to level 55 before you can start using it. Its high mobility and medium fire-rate helps you weave in and out of fights with ease and with a proper gunsmith loadout equipped.

For this gunsmith loadout, we recommend a hybrid gameplay style with an emphasis on being as agile and quick as possible in order to maximize the strengths of the Razorback which are its mobility and firepower. This loadout might also be beneficial for close-range aggro gameplay styles but you might quickly get countered by shotgun players.

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Razorback Gunsmith Loadout / Attachments

Razorback Gunsmith Loadout and Attachments
Credit: WallyCODM on YouTube

Now we take a look at our favorite gunsmith loadout for the Razorback. We’ve tried this loadout ourselves and it has yielded amazing results!

Barrel: OWC Marksman

The OWC Marksman is predominantly used here for its increased range as the Razorback has quite abysmal range. Moreover, it reduces our ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy which is countered by our other attachments.

Stock: YKM Light Stock

The YKM Light Stock increases our ADS Movement speed and reduces our Bullet Spread Accuracy which isn’t that big of an issue due to the base accuracy stats of this gun. However, if your comfortable with the Razorback’s recoil pattern; you can opt for the Combat Stock which makes the gun harder to aim with but increases its overall fire-power.

Ammunition: Extended Mag A

Since the Razorback has a higher fire-rate than most guns, your going to be running out of ammo very soon! To counter that we go for an extended mag. This attachment increases our capacity by 12 bullets.

Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

The Grip Tape is used to increase our ADS Speed when running-and-gunning. Due to our hybrid playstyle, expect to be moving around alot. So, having faster ADS Speed will definitely be an edge in battle especially against heavy AR users.

Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical

The OWC Laser gives us even more ADS Speed and also counteracts our Bullet Spread Accuracy with a very neglibile cost of being more visible due to laser sights.

In conclusion, this Razorback Gunsmith Loadout focuses on high mobility, firepower and range and should be used by players who are comfortable with ADS’ing while moving and maintaining proper accuracy.


  • High mobility
  • Low Recoil
  • Balanced firepower


  • Dosen’t compete with heavier AR / Shotgun builds
  • Low fire-rate for an SMG.

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