How to Unlock Tactician Perk in COD Mobile | Heavy Duty Event

COD Mobile has recently launched its 1st year Anniversary Update. This update includes a ton of new changes and content updates which we’ll surely be covering. But for now, we want to focus on the Heavy Duty event. This lets you unlock 4 unique camos while also giving you access to the newly released Tactician Perk.

The Tactician Perk has been stable in the PC versions of Call of Duty series. Just like its PC counterparts, the perk allows you to use two pieces of tactical equipment at any given point including Trophy Systems. The perk is unlockable only for a limited time. So, get to it!

Heavy Duty – Season 11 Event

There are 3 Seasonal events happening right now in this season and will end in the middle of Season 11. If you look at these lists of events, you will see Heavy Duty as one of them. Completing this event will unlock the Tactician perk for you. You will also gain access to some really cool weapon and grenade camos.

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These are all the rewards you get from this event.

  • Flashbang Grenade – Black Top
  • Axe – Blacktop
  • BK57 – Black Top
  • Tactician – Perk
  • QQ9 – Static Electricity

How To Unlock Tactician Perk

Here is a list of challenges you need to complete in order to be able to unlock the Tactician perk in this event.

Challenge 1: Throw any Tactical Equipment 8 times in any mode.

Challenge 1 Tactician Perk

Challenge 2: Kill 20 Enemies in MP Matches with Tactical Mask Perk Equipped

Challenge 2

Challenge 3: Kill 20 Enemies with Quick Fix Perk Equipped (Available in the Credit Store)

Challenge 3 Tactician Perk

Challenge 4: Break Enemy’s Scorestreak with EMP 2 Times

Challenge 4 Tactician Perk

Challenge 5: Kill 20 Enemies with Tactician Perk Equipped

Challenge 5 Tactician Perk

Note: The Tactician Perk is unlocked after the 4th challenge, but you can still go on to complete the last challenge to earn QQ9 – Static Electricity.

This is the only way you can unlock the High Alert perk in COD:Mobile. Be sure to do it soon though. For a list of all other new things in this update read the patch notes or see a full list of Season 11 updates here!

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