How to Unlock Outrider (Dark Strobe) Character in COD Mobile | Season 11

Outrider (Dark Strobe) - Monthly Login Calendar

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 11 update is already out now with tons of new features. And just like with every new season, there comes new daily login rewards and this time, you can unlock Outrider (Dark Strobe).

The whole theme of the Anniversary update has been dark with night maps expected to launch around Halloween. Same is the case with this new Outrider character in Dark Strobe uniform.

Monthly login rewards at COD Mobile have always featured a free character if you login straight for about 25 days. The login calendar this season started on the 12th October and will go on till the 10th November.

Other than the free character, there are plenty of other rewards you can get. There are camos for Battle Royale classes, weapons, grenades and you can also get Epic Weapon XP cards for upgrades.

Outrider – Dark Strobe

Outrider (Dark Strobe) in Call of Duty: Mobile

We have seen Outrider in several other uniforms, but I’m personally a fan of everything dark. So this makes this new free skin one of the best ones in Call of Duty: Mobile.

Outrider (Dark Strobe) - COD Mobile Character

This uniform is in dark purple and blue colours with yellow lines around the front and back. If you decide to play in a dark map with this on, it would look really cool.

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How to Unlock Outrider (Dark Strobe)

To unlock this character, this may be the easiest way to do it. You don’t have to complete tasks or challenges in order to get this reward. All you have to do is, login daily!

Monthly Login Calendar in COD Mobile - Outrider (Dark Strobe)

Simply make sure you login into the game every day for the next 24 days, even when you do not plan on playing a match. Just login and collect the daily reward. Since you unlock Outrider (Dark Strobe) on the Day 24 of the calendar, you will have a margin for about 6 days in case you forget to login in between.

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