COD Mobile Season 11 Anniversary Update Is Now Live!

COD Mobile season 11 update is now live

The season 11 of COD Mobile is officially live now. The Anniversary update was the most awaited one in the game. COD Mobile releases an update every month, giving the players new and updated features and fixing any bug or issues which the community is facing.

Similarly, season 11, which is named as “Anniversary Update” has a ton of new things, including maps, weapons, events, challenges etc. We will be discussing all of them below, so make sure you read till the end. Activision released the patch notes a few days earlier, but the actual update with all the content is now available for everyone to enjoy.

COD Mobile season 11 content

New BR and MP Maps

To start with, we have got Alcatraz as our new BR map along with a new space called The Club. As for MP mode, we’ll be getting KING map in the game later this season alongside another brand new map which hasn’t been revealed yet.


COD Mobile new BR map - Alcatraz

A remake of the Black Ops 4 map, Alcatraz is going to be a very exciting map to play in BR, as it’ll offer fast-paced gameplay, unlike the normal map.

  • There will be 40 players with 5 respawns per player in the squad.
  • Classes can only be looted and can’t be pre selected.
  • No Vehicles
  • You’ll spawn with a random uncommon AR or SMG every time.
  • Classes that you can select are: Scout, Ninja, Medic, Defender, Smoke Bomber and Hacker.
  • Just like the normal BR map, you will have weapon and ammo vending machines throughout the map.

Need more details? See our overview of Alcatraz Battle Royale map.

The Club

COD Mobile season 11 - The Club

The Club is a new space which offers you to do various new things, including:

  • Mini Games: Play games like darts or classic activision arcade games to earn coins and convert them into anniversary points.
  • Welcome to the DJ Club: Select a song for yourself and other players from a large playlist.
  • Anniversary Machine: Anniversary machine has a variety of rewards which you can earn by exchanging your anniversary points.
  • Compete with Other Players: Get as many anniversary points as you can get to top the leaderboard and earn the most rewards.
  • NPCs Need You: You can find different COD Mobile characters throughout the club which will give you various missions.

We have covered The Club in COD Mobile in great detail, so you might want to read up on what it offers.


King Map in Call of Duty: Mobile (Featured)

King is the latest map for 1v1 and 2v2 game-mode. It is a bit like Killhouse and has many places which will give you an advantage over your opponent. Find more in our strategies and tips article regarding this map.

COD Mobile Season 11 Events

  • 10/12 – 10/22 ~ Cranked Mode (MP)
  • Cranked Up event running until 10/18
  • 10/12 – 10/22 ~ Fans’ Favorite Mode (MP)
  • 10/12 – 10/22 ~ Fans’ Favorite Map (MP)
  • These are a result of the map/mode vote this community participated in
  • 10/12 – 10/18 ~ Rapid Fire Mode (MP)
  • 10/12 ~ New Monthly Login event begins
  • 10/15 – 10/28 ~ Anniversary Event
  • 10/15 – 10/28 ~ Battle for Alcatraz event
  • 10/15 ~ Three new seasonal challenges
  • 10/15 ~ Credit Store Update
  • 10/15 ~ Ranked Series 7 begins
  • 10/19 – 10/25 ~ Gun Game Moshpit (MP)

*All Dates UTC

Season 11 Battle Pass

Just like every season, the battle pass this season is worth buying as it’ll be containing a lot of new skins, guns and other rewards inside it. New scorestreak Advanced UAV will be available at the 14th tier, whereas, you’ll get the Fennec SMG at the 21st tier.

To know everything about the free and paid battle pass of COD Mobile season 11, do checkout our article on the topic, here.

Ranked Series 7

Ranked series 6 has officially ended after running for two months. Kudos to everyone who made it to legendary. Now, 7th ranked series has started with the release of season 11. And just like every series, there are new rewards for both MP and BR ranked, which you can check in the picture below.

cod mobile season 11 ranked series 7

Two New Weapons

COD Mobile season 11 will feature two new guns, a SMG Fennec and a Sniper Rifle NA-45.

Fennec SMG

Fennec SMG

The gun with the fastest fire rate, a close combat beast. Just spray and pray and you’ll be good to go. A strong hipfire and extremely high damage at close range means you will be rushing into opponents’ faces to get into a close fight as much as possible.

NA-45 Sniper Rifle

NA - 45 Sniper Rifle

The first of it’s kind, NA-45 has an explosive ammo magazine, which triggers an explosion and has the potential to deal damage to multiple players. However, the damage of it’s shot is practically lower than other snipers, but it does a one-shot kill if you hit a headshot.

New Seasonal Challenges

Tactician perk cod mobile season 11

With new season, come new challenges. Right now, three challenges, namely, “Connoisseur”, “Heavy Duty” and “Sub Gunner” are available, with more to come.

Credit Store Update

A much needed Quick Fix perk is now available in credit store. To go with this, we have got:

  • (Uncommon) SMRS – Eagle Feather
  • (Rare) Man-O-War – Blood in the Water
  • (Rare) Outlaw – Copilot
  • (Epic – Blueprint) Chicom – Oil Spil
credit store update in cod mobile season 11

In the next credit store update we’ll have the Man-O-War – Cardinal, which the community voted for.

These are the main changes made in the season 11 of COD Mobile. Some other changes are vehicles improvement in BR, new large caliber ammo for HVK-30, 5.35 caliber for AK-47 and Akimbo attachment for Fennec. Also you can now see how many times a player reached Legendary, in his profile.

Do let us know which changes you liked the most and what more do you expect from Call of Duty: Mobile, in the comments box.

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