COD Mobile Season 11 Battle Pass Rewards | Free and Paid

This is a list of all the free and paid Season 11 Battle Pass rewards coming to Call of Duty: Mobile. The new Battle Pass went live earlier today on October 15th, and we already have a list of the patch notes and all the new updates and changes coming to COD Mobile in Season 11.

Battle Pass is the in-game content delivery stream where new rewards, items and weapons can be unlocked by players as they progress through the season. There is a list of free tiers that can be unlocked by everyone, and then there is a premium tier that can only be unlocked by those who have purchased the Premium Pass. In case you need a reason to buy Battle Pass, we have listed 5 reasons.

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Season 11 Battle Pass Rewards

COD Mobile - Season 11 Battle Pass Rewards
COD Mobile – Season 11 Battle Pass

Here are the Season 11 Battle Pass rewards that are going to be available for the free and premium tiers. If you see the list below, premium battle pass will include several Epic Soldiers and weapon blueprints. And the new SMG called Fennec and Advanced UAV scorestreak will be available for everyone to unlock in the free rewards stream.

Premium Battle Pass Rewards:

The following are the premium battle pass rewards in COD Mobile Season 11:

TierPremium Rewards
Tier 1Spectre – Pixel Spy
Tier 1QQ9 – Neon Grunge
Tier 1Melee Weapon – Glow Stick
Tier 10KRM-262 – Point and Click
Tier 12Zero – Nebula
Tier 20DL Q33 – Neon Burst
Tier 30Scylla – Future Vice
Tier 35Charm – Statuesque
Tier 40AK117 – Neon Lotus
Tier 50Reaper – Premium
Tier 50Fennec – Verdant
Tier 50Legendary Calling Card – Tac Insertion

Free Battle Pass Rewards:

The following are the free tier battle pass rewards in COD Mobile Season 11:

  • New base SMG – Fennec: Fennec is a short-range high-speed weapon with high explosive force and large recoil force, which can be modified into dual-holding weapons to enhance explosive power.
  • New Scorestreak – Advanced UAV: It shows the position and direction of enemies on the player’s mini-map in real-time.
TierFree Rewards
Tier 4BK57 – Reflective
Tier 8Helicopter – Graceful Blue
Tier 14New Scorestreak – Advanced UAV
Tier 21New Weapon – Fennec
Tier 31M21 EBR – Reflective
Tier 38Charm – Gilded Afterlife
Tier 46Calling Card – First Anniversary
Tier 50S36 – Reflective

In Season 11, the best items are not just reserved for the premium tiers. A big thank you to the Call of Duty: Mobile team for making this Anniversary season for everyone!

Season 11 Battle Pass Price

Like every new season, the Battle Pass price has been the same for a while now. You can purchase the Premium Battle Pass for 220 CP and the Battle Pass Bundle (formerly Battle Pass Advantage or Premium Pass Plus) for 520 CP. There are four additional rewards tied to the Battle Pass Bundle, including a new Baseball Bat, Sinister Slugger. You can check all those rewards in the game.

Season 11 Battle Pass Price - Call of Duty: Mobile

COD Points is the in-game currency used in Call of Duty: Mobile that you need to purchase using real money. Here is how you can buy COD Points!

And for those who do not want to spend money, you can also get free COD Points like this.

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