How to Get Free COD Points in Call of Duty: Mobile

Here we will explain how you can get free COD Points (or CP) in Call of Duty: Mobile so you can spend it on getting the Premium Pass, new character skins, battle crates and weapons from the Store. In a recent guide, we showed how you can buy COD Points using the credit card or PayPal. Now, we will discuss how you can get free CP without spending any real money.

COD Points and Credits are two in-game currencies of Call of Duty: Mobile which are used to buy things from the store. However, spending money on a mobile game is not feasible for every new player. There are some alternatives available how you can get free money to spend on the game, and we are going to show you exactly that.

How to Get Free COD Points

You need to remember that obtaining these free COD Points require a lot of effort. It is not as easy as clicking a few links to get them. And if you use unfair means to cheat the COD Mobile system for gaining CP, you will be banned.

Since COD Mobile doesn’t allow third-party services to sell CP in any way, we will look into different methods that allow you to collect points for performing certain tasks. In return, you will be able to redeem the points for a Google Play Store or Apple App Store gift card.

Let’s take a look at some of the GPT (get paid to) services that offer free gift cards:

Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards - Get Free COD Points with Play Store Credit

Google Opinion Rewards is an iOS and Android app that offers free App Store or Play Store credit for apps, games and movies for just completing survey questions. This is a very popular app with over 50 million downloads and has been created by the Google Surveys team.

You can earn free credit to spend on games by just answering quick surveys. You get new surveys and questions every week based on your frequency of answering and can receive up to $1.00 in Play Store credit for completing it. Sounds good, right? There is a small catch though. Google Opinion Rewards app is only available to users in selected countries. Visit this page and check if you are eligible for these surveys!

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Swagbucks - Get Free COD Points with Play Store Credit

Swagbucks is another well-known GPT website that offers free gift cards and cash for your everyday tasks online. You get SB Points for shopping online, watching entertaining videos, searching the web or simply by answering surveys.

Once you collect enough SB Points, you can redeem them for free gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon or Walmart, to name a few, or get cash back from PayPal. All this can be used to purchase a Premium Pass or other in-game items from the COD Mobile store.


PrizeRebel - Get Free Cash / Gift Cards

This is another get-paid-to website offering money and gift cards for answering surveys. You get paid to answer questions! Members have redeemed over $22 million in cash and rewards on PrizeRebel. So, sign up now and get answer some questions for free COD Points!

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Poll Pay on Android

Poll Pay - Get Free Google Play Store Credit

Poll Pay is a GPT app, similar to Swagbucks and PrizeRebel. It is currently available on Android / Google Play Store and functions exactly like the other website, with just the exception that it is only on mobile. You can earn gift cards for the following services: Amazon, Xbox, Google Play, PayPal and Netflix. Like the Google Opinion Rewards app, Poll Pay is only available in some countries — not all over the world.

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