COD Mobile Season 12 Battle Pass Rewards | Free and Paid

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 12 (Going Dark)

This is a list of all the free and paid Season 12 Battle Pass rewards coming to Call of Duty: Mobile. The much-hyped Anniversary Season 11 of Call of Duty: Mobile is about to end in a day. Called the “Anniversary Update”, season 11 had the most features the game has ever received in a single update. Now it’s time to welcome the forthcoming Season 12, whose battle pass is based on the theme “Going Dark”.

Season 12 Battle Pass rewards include some of the fan favourite characters, weapon camos, new weapons, charms, emotes etc. Most of the premium rewards will only be available when you buy the Premium Battle Pass, but a good number of cool free rewards are also included like every season.

Season 12 Battle Pass Rewards

COD Mobile Season 12 Battle Pass Rewards

Here is an official list of all the COD Mobile Season 12 Battle Pass rewards that you will be able to unlock once the new season is out tomorrow. And with this, let us add that this is your last chance to unlock some of the exclusive anniversary gifts, Advanced UAV scorestreak, Tactician perk and the explosive NA-45 sniper rifle.

You can find all of the Season 12 battle pass rewards in the following list:

Premium Battle Pass Rewards:

The following are the premium battle pass rewards in COD Mobile Season 12:

TierPremium Rewards
Tier 1Ghost – Jawbone
Tier 1HBRa3 – Black Gold
Tier 1Charm – I See All
Tier 10Type 25 – Infiltrate
Tier 12Urban Tracker – By Night
Tier 20QQ9 – Black Gold
Tier 30Price – Dead of Night
Tier 35HG-40 – Forward Motion
Tier 40KN-44 – Black Gold
Tier 50Velikan – Megalith
Tier 50AGR 556 – Byakko
Tier 50Legendary Calling Card – Discord

Free Battle Pass Rewards:

The following are the free tier battle pass rewards in COD Mobile Season 12:

TierFree Rewards
Tier 4AK47 – Stalwart
Tier 8ORV – Hard Water
Tier 14New Operator Skill – Ballistic Shield
Tier 21New Weapon – AGR 556
Tier 31Locus – Stalwart
Tier 38Charm – Bullet
Tier 46Calling Card – Green Team
Tier 50ICR-1 – Stalwart

Epic Characters

Like some of the previous seasons, four new character skins are coming in the battle pass of Season 12 as well.

  • Velikan – Megalith
  • Urban Tracker – By Night
  • Price – Dead by Night
  • Ghost – Jawbone

Epic Weapons

Five new epic weapons have been put in the battle pass, including the new Sub Machine Gun for this season which is the AGR 556.

  • Type 25 – Infiltrate
  • QQ9 – Black Gold
  • KN-44 – Black Gold
  • HBRA3 – Black Gold
  • AGR 556 – Byakko

Epic Charm

  • Charm – I see all

Epic Bagpack

  • Light Pack

Epic Emote

  • Emote – Let Loose

New Operator Skill

  • Ballistic Shield

Calling Card

  • Calling Card – Discord

Epic Avatar and Frame

  • Avatar – Night OPs
  • Bolted Green Frame

Battle Pass Bundle – Bonus

If you buy the battle pass bundle then you’ll get four additional rewards, which include:

  • Karambit – Wetworks
  • Avatar- Hold Skull
  • Infiltration Frame
  • Charm -Masked Out

These are all the battle pass rewards that have been released by Activision for the players to unlock.

Finally the fans have been blessed with a guaranteed Ghost skin, and some of the most beautiful black gold skins of the weapons. Charms, Calling Cards, Emotes and what not? The battle pass of Season 12 has it all!

Make sure you also check out all the patch notes of Season 12 to learn more about the upcoming season.

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