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Get Free M4 – Anniversary | Call of Duty: Mobile Redeem Code

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To celebrate its first anniversary, COD Mobile is giving away a free M4 – Anniversary weapon camo for free! COD Mobile is known for its big collection of exclusive characters and weapon blueprints. Most of these are purchasable through the store, but some are meant to be unlocked through Seasonal and Featured events. Redeem codes are another way you can unlock exclusive camos. Today, we bring you a free redeem code that lets you unlock the M4 – Anniversary for free!

Redeem codes and coupon codes have been extensively covered by us here. This articles give you a complete step-by-step guide on how you can redeem COD Mobile voucher and coupon codes. In the following guide, we will be giving you a free exclusive M4 – Anniversary redeem code you can use right now.

M4 – Anniversary – Free Redeem Code

This code has been used by us here at BRGeeks. Needless to say, we’re loving the new look on our M4!

M4 - Anniversary Redeem Code

Here is the code:

  • M4 – Anniversary: BFNFZCZF5M

This code specifically unlocks the M4 – Anniversary camo. You can unlock all the other Anniversary camos by doing missions in The Club.

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How to Redeem M4 – Anniversary Code

We get a lot of queries around redeem codes if they are to be redeem and used from inside the Call of Duty: Mobile game. This is not the case. All these redeem codes are used from outside the game from an official Redemption website.

Here is how you can redeem code for the M4 – Anniversary weapon:

  • Copy your UID from COD Mobile
  • Now visit the COD Mobile Redemption website
  • Fill the form with all the details and submit
  • After confirmation, your code will be redeemed successfully
  • To claim the reward, login into COD Mobile and check mailbox

For a more detailed and step-by-step tutorial on redeeming codes, see our guide: How to Redeem Codes in COD Mobile

This is the only code available right now for COD Mobile in Season 11. Be on the lookout however as you never know a new one might pop up! We’ll surely be putting up new posts as soon as we get our hands on new camos. So, stay tuned!

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