How to Unlock the Refitter Class in COD Mobile | Beast of Burden Event

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 12 is getting new challenges and events every week and they are offering some of the best rewards upon their completion. Currently, we have the newly released “Beast of Burden” featured event, which will reward you with a new BR class Refitter as the ultimate prize.

Today, we will look at how you can unlock the Battle Royale Class Refitter and what else the Beast of Burden event offers.

Beast of Burden Featured Event – Overview

Beast of Burden Event | COD Mobile

Beast of Burden is the only featured event which is live right now in Call of Duty: Mobile. It has the BR Class Refitter as the final reward and apart from that it offers Scout class camo, an ATV skin, a Tank skin and a DL Q33 skin. You can see the pictures of all these rewards below.

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How to Unlock Refitter Class in Call of Duty: Mobile

Basically there are a dozen of challenges which will give you some XP points through which you can redeem all the rewards. You can unlock the rewards by reaching the specific points mark.

  • Scout – Alarm (40 XP)
  • ATV – Nine Round (60 XP)
  • Tank – Nine Round (80 XP)
  • DL Q33 – Alarm (100 XP)
  • BR Class Refitter (120 XP)

Now following are the list of challenges which you can complete to earn the above rewards.

  • Pick up a Customized Weapon from an Airdrop in Battle Royale 3 Times (XP x10)
  • Survive in Battle Royale for 20 minutes (1200 seconds) (XP x10)
  • Enter the top 15 in Battle Royale 2 times (XP x20)
  • Heal 1500 Points in Battle Royale (XP x10)
  • Rescue a teammate twice in BR (XP x20)
  • Use armor plates to repair your vest in BR 5 times (XP x10)
  • Play 3 Battle Royale matches with friends (XP x20)
  • Play 3 Battle Royale matches on Alcatraz Map (XP x10)
  • Open Weapon Supply Boxes 5 times in BR (XP x10)
  • Pick up an Epic Weapon in Battle Royale 5 times (XP x10)
  • Deal 2000 Damage in Battle Royale (XP x10)
  • Land in Cell House 2 times in BR Alcatraz (XP x10)
  • Kill 3 enemies in the Downtown area in BR Isolated (XP x10)

These are all the tasks that you can complete to keep stacking up the XP points and redeeming all the rewards as a result.

This was our complete guide about how to unlock the BR Class Refitter in Call of Duty: Mobile. The event will end in 10 days, that is on 12th of December, so you might want to complete it before then.

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