How to Add Xbox Players as Friends on PC in Halo Infinite

Halo Infinite has introduced cross-play, and it has allowed friends from all over to play together. However, a lot of such players are stumped as they look for ways to add their friends from Xbox while playing on PC themselves. At BRGeeks, we notice these things and go above and beyond to help our fellow gamers through these testing times. So here it is, a guide to help you add friends from different platforms.

With the release of Halo Infinite, here is your chance to relive the best moments of your childhood with your friends, regardless of the platform they are on. By following this guide, you will be able to know how you can add friends from Xbox and while playing on PC.

Add Xbox Friends on PC In Halo Infinite

The friend list of a player in Halo Infinite depends upon their Xbox Live account. This means that to add them on Halo Infinite you would need to add them on Xbox Live to invite them to the game. In order to do this, just follow this guide:

For Xbox

  • On Xbox, press the Xbox button and navigate to “People.”
  • After going in to the People menu, select “Find Someone.”
  • In the Find Someone option enter their Gamertag.

For PC

  • On PC, you can do this by pressing the Tab button and opening up the Social Menu.
  • You can also add friends on PC from Xbox by using the Xbox Game Bar which can be accessed by pressing “Windows Key + G”.
  • From here you can search for your friends via their Gamer Tag.
  • Hopefully your Steam account is synced with the Xbox Game Bar, however, if it is the first time youve launched the Game Bar, you might need to restart Steam or your Computer for it to work.
  • The crossplay of Steam seems to be a little glichy right now, so the player on the PC would need to be the party leader for the party to be formed.
  • Once the PC player is the leader, their tags will show up on the Social Tabs, from here you can invite your Xbox Friends to join your party.

Remember, that you will need the players Gamertag if you want to add them regardless of what platform you are on.

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Taaha Muffasil
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  1. For PC: “ From here, select either the steam or discord option.” but what if you want people on Xbox via game pass to join your team and they don’t have discord?

  2. Trying to add an Xbox player gamer tag after the game ended. Have the gamer tag name but once it ends and that name isn’t in the recent list your screwed. I don’t have his discord and if he is on Xbox, he may or may not have a steam account. In addition, he may have a different name for steam. Now what? Why in the heck would you not click the name and just have added a friend within the area it says join, invite to the game. This would simplify things, I am confused that we are going into 2022 and we are making this a damn chore! Sad!

  3. not helpful, can we not add xbox players gamertag as friends anymore? i can follow and message but thats it

  4. Surprised that Bungie has the friends list system perfected in destiny 2 where I can directly add console gamers as friends ingame as a PC player, but theyre not willing to do that for halo infinite.

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