Call of Duty: Mobile Garena vs Global – What’s The Difference?

Call of Duty: Mobile G

If you are someone who follows Call of Duty: Mobile on social media, you must have come across the words Garena and global a lot. There a completely separate social media accounts for Call of Duty: Mobile Garena and the global version. But what exactly is the difference? This is what we explain below and try to get rid of your confusion.

There are two versions of the COD Mobile game. Garena and Activision are two publishers that have put up this game on the Apple App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android). Let’s get down to the explanation part on why this is so confusing.

Who developed Call of Duty: Mobile?

Call of Duty: Mobile is developed by Activision, in partnership with Timi Studios, which is owned by Tencent Games. Tencent is the company behind big names in the battle royale space like PlayerUnknown’s Battle Ground (PC / console) and PUBG Mobile. The global version of COD Mobile is published by Activision themselves. However, the same game is published by Garena in the South East Asia.

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How many versions of COD Mobile?

There are two main versions of COD Mobile on the app stores. Like we mentioned earlier, one has been published by Activision and the other has been published by Garena. Unfortunately, Call of Duty: Mobile is not available in the following three countries: China, Vietnam and Belgium.

The global version of the game is played by players from all the regions, except South East Asia where players are connected to their own separate servers. Hence, they get better ping and latency support.

Call of Duty: Mobile Garena vs Global

Both of these versions of Call of Duty: Mobile are almost exactly the same. They have the same game play, same features and almost the same in-game content. We say almost, because the in-game content that is launched every week can be slightly different in between the two.

If you check go through the Garena COD Mobile Facebook page, they have different events going on with exclusive perks and character skins that are not available to the global version. However, the same items can be available for both in the future during different seasons.

And for those who do not know, Call of Duty: Mobile game was first launched in the South East Asia region as a beta test by Garena before making it available globally for everyone.

You can download the global version of COD Mobile from here, and you can download Call of Duty: Mobile Garena from here.

Why is COD Mobile not available in China, Vietnam and Belgium?

As we mentioned earlier, Call of Duty: Mobile is not available in the above mentioned three countries. COD Mobile is banned in Belgium because of their local gambling laws where gambling is illegal. The crates feature promotes exactly that, this is why COD Mobile is not allowed in Belgium.

China is rumoured to get their own version of COD Mobile as soon as next month (in November 2020). There are strict laws for gaming in China which is why Tencent will have to eventually launch a separate version of the game. This is not the first time it has happened. We saw something similar with PUBG Mobile as well which was later rebranded and launched in China as Game for Peace.

There are many other game developers that have launched a completely separate game versions for China.

We hope this has cleared up any confusion about the differences between the Garena and global version of Call of Duty: Mobile.

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