How to Get NA-45 Sniper Rifle in COD Mobile | Elite Marksman Event

NA-45 Sniper Rifle

The NA-45 is the newest sniper rifle released in Call of Duty: Mobile. It is unlocked through the Elite Marksman event which as just been launched as part of Halloween celebrations in Season 11. It is the game’s first primary weapon that does AoE explosive damage. The event also allows you to unlock various other camos and Weapon XP Cards.

The NA-45 is a very unique gun. It has lower single-shot damage compared to most other sniper rifles. But, you can still land one-hit headshots. The gun’s main perk, however, is the fact that you can deal explosive damage if a second shot lands within range of the first shot.

NA-45 – Overview

The NA-45 is taken from Call Of Duty: Advanced Warfare. The weapon uses exploding rounds. The first shot acts as a tracker (but deals damage, albeit low.) If a second round is shot nearby then both explode. If this tracking and shooting are done too far apart then they act as normal sniper rounds.

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The rounds themselves deal only 30 damage and will only achieve a one-shot kill by themselves if they are a headshot. They have no penetrating power and will stick to whatever surface they hit. The NA-45 is capable of shooting faster than any other sniper rifle in the game. However, do note! Firing at such a fast rate may cause the detonating round to miss via recoil.

Elite Marksman – Seasonal Event

Elite Marksman (Seasonal Event) - Get NA-45 Sniper Rifle

There are about 5 different events currently happening due to the Anniversary Season 11 Update for COD Mobile. In the Seasonal section, you should be able to find Elite Marksman quite easily. By completing this event, you will ultimately be able to unlock the NA-45 alongside other fun rewards.

Here is a list of all the rewards you can expect to unlock from the event:

LK-24 Black Top

LK-24 Black Top

KRM-262 Black Top

KRM-262 Black top

Locus – Black Top

Locus - Black Top

How to Unlock NA-45 Sniper Rifle

These are all the eight challenges you need to complete to get the NA-45 in Call of Duty: Mobile. You must complete all these challenges in order to get this gun and all other rewards:

Challenge 1 – Kill 10 Enemies with Agile Perk Equipped

Challenge 1

Challenge 2 – Kill 5 Enemies with Sniper Rifles

Challenge 2 - Weapon XP Cards

Challenge 3 – Earn Longn Shot Medal 5 Times

Challenge 3 - LK24 - Black Top Reward

Challenge 4 – Kill 15 Enemies with any Sniper Equipped with Any 2 Attachments

Challenge 4 - Get KRM-262 - Black Top Reward

Challenge 5 – Kill 20 Enemies with any Sniper Equipped with Any 5 Attachments

Challenge 5 - Get Locus - Black Top Reward

Challenge 6 – Kill 20 Enemies with Outlaw Sniper Rifle Equipped with Any Laser (Available in the Credit Store)

Challenge 6

Challenge 7 – Kill 20 Enemies with Outlaw Sniper Rifle Equipped with Any Optic

Challenge 7

Challenge 8 – Kill 20 Enemies with Outlaw Sniper Rifle Equipped with Any 4 Attachments

Challenge 8 - Unlock NA-45 in COD Mobile

The NA-45 is unlocked after the completing the final challenge.

This concludes our article on how you can unlock the NA-45. We’ll be giving you a detailed overview of the gun soon. Stay tuned for that!

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