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COD Mobile’s 1st Anniversary update promised a lot of hidden rewards. Safe to say, the developers have certainly defied our expectations by incorporating a bunch of hidden easter eggs and secret codes in maps like The Club which allow players to unlock cool new goodies.

The Season 11 update introduced a new BR Map called Alcatraz, many new camos, changes to guns, and much more. However, the developers talked about how there is ‘much more to explore,’ within the confines of the game. Today, we’re going to be showing you all of the little easter eggs you can find in the game.

Easter Egg Secret Rewards

Redeeming these codes gives you the ability to unlock special camos for 3 guns in total and a special new character. Here is the list of rewards:

BK-57 – Zork

bk-57 - zork

Battle Hardened – Red Shock

battle hardened - red shock easter egg

Striker – Kaboom

striker - kaboom

AK-47 – Chopper Command

ak-47 chopper command

How To Find Easter Eggs Codes in COD Mobile

Activision talked about the Easter eggs in this update in detail:

Rewards can be found everywhere in this Anniversary Season of Call of Duty: Mobile, that’s part of the celebration, but there are some unique ones that can only be found through hidden codes. Best of luck to all of those seeking these out and be sure to try searching in a loud place filled with other players.

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This hint from the developers means one must look into The Club to find out all the hidden easter eggs in the game. You can find the COD Mobile secret Easter Egg codes by performing these following very simple tasks.

Code 1

  • Go to Darts and choose practice.
  • Hit “3” five times in a row. Do this 3 times.

Code 2

  • Use a Glowstick and hit the Activision Poster until it burns.
  • Then burn the poster of Pawn Takes Pawn, then leave the club.
  • Repeat this process three times.

Code 3

  • Head to the anniversary stage and find a soccer ball.
  • Knockdown four bottles in the following locations, in order. Entrance, Front of Bar, By Staircase, Left side of Bar.

How To Redeem Secret Codes

After you’ve found all the codes, redeeming them is relatively easy and is a two-step process. Here is what you need to do:

Step 1 – Go to to the Pawn Takes Pawn Website

easter eggs website

Step 2 – Sign up and enter the code, which gives you another code

sign up easter egg

Step 3 – Go to Call of Duty’s Redemption page and redeem the codes.

cod redemption page

Note: You can find detailed instructions on how to redeem Call of Duty: Mobile codes here.

This concludes our guide on how you can unlock free new items for COD: Mobile by exploring a few easter eggs. We’ll surely be covering any new codes that pop along. So, stay tuned!

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