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How to Redeem Codes in Call of Duty: Mobile | Free Exclusive Characters, Weapons, Camos

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COD Mobile is filled to the brim with epic cosmetics, camos, characters and much more. Some of these customization options you can unlock through challenges, seasonal and featured events. Some of these, you can buy. However, some camos and characters can only be unlocked through codes. Today, we’re going to give you step-by-step instructions on how to redeem codes in COD Mobile.

Activision has partnered up with numerous brands, sponsors and Twitch / YouTube streamers in the span of years. These partnerships often bring with them voucher and redeem codes that players can use to unlock exclusive camos and characters.

If you’ve been following COD Mobile lately, you’d know that Season 11 is already out. With this season, Activison has brought along some exclusive camos that you can only unlock through redeem codes.

This tutorial is along the same lines as how you would redeem codes in PUBG Mobile.

You can also redeem an exclusive M4 – Anniversary weapon camo right now!

How To Redeem Codes in COD Mobile

For Call of Duty: Mobile, players need to go to a specific website dedicated to redeeming these specific vouchers and codes. These codes cannot be directly redeemed inside the game. Here are the instructions you need to follow in order to redeem the codes.

Note: Always have your game updated before redeeming these codes or you might risk losing the codes!

Step 1 – Open and login to COD Mobile (Android, iOS or PC Emulator)

COD Mobile Main Screen

Step 2 – Tap on your profile name on the top-left corner

Step 3 – Tap on the second tab button from the left

Step 4 – Copy your UID by tapping on the clipboard button

Step 5 – Next, open the following link:

COD Mobile Redemption Center

Step 6 – Input all the information required in the form. Your User ID that you copied earlier, the redeem code and the verification code.

COD Mobile Redeeming Code

Step 7 – Confirm if this is the account you want to redeem your code in.


Step 8 – Wait for the Redeemed message


Step 9 – Open your Mailbox and claim your reward!

Opening Mailbox

This concludes our guide on how you can use voucher / redeem codes in COD Mobile. For more COD Related goodness, check the following articles out:

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