The Club in Call of Duty: Mobile | Mini-Games, DJ Reaper, Anniversary Machines

The Club in Call of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile has recently released its Anniversary Update – Season 11. This update includes a wide variety of new features and changes. A fun addition is a new play area or how some might call it a “chilling out area” called The Club in COD Mobile. It is a unique space that is accessible to every player and is meant as a celebration for everything related to COD Mobile’s big first anniversary.

The Club encourages you to play new maps like Alcatraz, while also hoping you’d be into some mini-games, or some plain-old Battle Royale and Multiplayer matches. Keep reading to learn more about all the new things you can do in The Club alongside some exclusive images!

The Club – An Overview

The Club can be accessed by opening up the Events section and then tapping on Featured. You can also access it by tapping the big bunker in the main game lobby.

Club COD Mobile Overview

This featured event has exclusive rewards you can only unlock if you complete the mini games there and go through the lore. Here is a list of some of the rewards you can unlock:

  • MW11 – Anniversary
  • GKS – Anniversary
  • Helicopter – Anniversary
  • Locus – Anniversary
  • Chicom – Starstruck

You must complete the challenges present in The Club to unlock these rewards for COD Mobile. As this is a limited-time event, these rewards will go away after two weeks.

Things To Do in The Club

There are plenty of other ways of earning rewards and playing more games with players online at that time in The Club. Here is a list of things you can do:

Mini Games:

Play various games, like Darts or classic Activision arcade games, earn coins, and convert those to Anniversary Points.

DJ Reaper In The House:

Select from a variety of different songs to play for you and everyone else in the club.

Anniversary Machine:

A variety of tasks or games will all lead to you collecting anniversary coins, which you can then you use on the Anniversary Machine to snag a variety of rewards.

Treat Yourself:

Compete with other players to earn the most anniversary points in order to rise to the top of leaderboards, which will get you the best rewards but there are all rewards available for all players who participate.

NPCs Need You:

There are various classic Call of Duty characters around the club and they may provide you missions (along with some lore) if you seek them out.

Seek Secrets:

No hints here, but there is more beyond what is listed here and you’ll be rewarded for finding them. There are hidden clues and secrets that you have to find inside The Club.

Russell Adler Missions:

If you look around for Russell Adler standing near a pillar, simply walk up to him for completing extra challenges and missions for earning rewards. You can find him in here at The Club.

The Club in COD Mobile

This concludes our list on all the rewards and things you can do in The Club. If you liked this guide, check out all our other Season 11 exclusive guides:

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