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As the launch of Season 11 is getting near, here we have a new scorestreak coming to Call of Duty: Mobile called Advanced UAV. The biggest update of COD Mobile is about to arrive. Named as “Anniversary Update”, the season 11 update is set to release on 15th October. The patch notes have already been put out, and you can also check the nerfs and buffs coming with this update.

Having said that, this new Advanced UAV scorestreak has been revealed by COD Mobile, which will be available in the free battle pass rewards for players to get. You will be able to easily unlock the scorestreak by playing more of Call of Duty: Mobile in the Battle Royale and Multiplayer modes. Now let us discuss how it is different from the normal UAV, and what good features does it offer.

Advanced UAV Scorestreak

It was first seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops where it was called Blackbird. Making its first appearance in COD Mobile, the Advanced UAV basically shows the position of enemies on the mini-map and also the direction in which they are moving. This makes it a lot more easier to track the enemies, especially those irritating campers.

You can check more about the upcoming scorestreak in this official video shared by Call of Duty: Mobile:

YouTube video

Scorestreak Differences: UAV vs Advanced UAV

We already have a UAV in the game from the start of COD Mobile, and now we are getting a new one after 10 seasons. There are a lot of differences between both of them. Let’s have a look at every dissimilarity amongst both versions of UAV.

What is UAV and Advanced UAV Scorestreak?

Normal UAV: The main purpose of a normal UAV is to show the position of enemies on the mini-map. And since it has been nerfed (adjusted to reduce effect), it no longer tracks the enemies anymore. You get a quick glimpse of their positions and it then goes away.

Advanced UAV: This new scorestreak not only tracks the position of opposition but also shows the direction in which the enemy is moving consistently. This is what makes it “advanced” and is much more powerful as it is believed that it cannot be destroyed.

Advanced UAV Scorestreak in COD Mobile

How to Destroy UAV and Advanced UAV?

Normal UAV can be easily shot down with a single shot of SMRS, FHJ-18 or even with a single magazine of a gun.

For Advanced UAV, we are yet to find out for sure. According to the news circulating in the community forums of COD Mobile, the Advanced UAV can’t be destroyed. If that’s going to be the case, then it will be a very overpowered scorestreak to rock.

Advanced UAV Scorestreak in COD Mobile

XP Points Required to Activate UAV

  • Normal UAV: Well, getting a normal UAV isn’t a hard walk, as it can be popped up after getting to a mere 400 point-mark. If you’re using the persistence perk then it’ll cost you double the amount.
  • Advanced UAV: This UAV is going to be the second most expensive scorestreak, just behind the VTOL. A barrier of 1400 points has been set to activate it, which makes it not so much worthy in a sense that you can use the XS1 Goliath or the Stealth Chopper instead of this. Maybe the points will be lessened, but we don’t know that yet.

These were the main differences between both of the UAVs. We don’t know, for how long the Advanced UAV will remain active, it might be for a minute and half, but can’t say anything yet. We will soon find out as it is launching soon!

The season 11 is getting more and more exciting each day and it hasn’t even been released yet. New guns, maps, modes, scorestreaks and more more things will be coming with the new update, to make the game even more exciting and engaging.

Nonetheless, do tell us about whether you like the new Advanced UAV or will you be sticking with the old school one, in the comment box.

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