Hacker Class Tips and Tricks for COD Mobile Battle Royale

COD Mobile’s newest event ‘Technogeek” has added many new rewards and camos for players to unlock by doing challenges. The most exciting one is the Hacker class in Battle Royale. Today, we discuss some of the our best Hacker class tips and tricks when playing BR match in Call of Duty: Mobile.

The Hacker Class is the newest one added to the game and is extremely unique compared to previous classes. There has been a mixed reaction to it. Some players like it, and some do not want to use it at all. If you plan on unlocking this Hacker class, there are other rewards as well up for grabs. Find out more about how to unlock Hacker class and other rewards.

Update (May 2022): You can now purchase the Hacker class from the Credit Store in Call of Duty: Mobile. Let us know if you need help with how to buy items from the free store. In case you need to buy COD Points, we have a detailed guide on exactly how to do that.

Hacker Class – An Overview

The Hacker’s coup de grace is his ability to jam out enemy intel while having the ability to keep his own intact. If a player uses the mini-map to navigate (which is most often used in BR), expect to have a huge advantage in intel over the enemy.

Overview of the hacker class - tips and tricks

Like each class in Battle Royale, the Hacker has a passive and an active ability. They are:

Ice Pick (Active) – Activate this ability to block out the map of all enemy players nearby and prevent them from using their own abilities for a brief amount. The skill itself has a huge AoE. It can be absolutely devastating against certain classes like the Medic if used at the right time.

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Hard Wired (Passive) – This ability ensures that your minimap cannot be tampered with, even by enemy hackers. Moreover, Hard Wired lets you be invisible on all mini-maps at all times. This means that players won’t be able to track you on their maps. You can track them anytime you want.

The Hacker is a position reliant class and demands an experienced Battle Royale player for it to be used effectively.

Hacker Class – Tips and Tricks

Now that we have a general idea about what the Hacker Class does, here are some tips and tricks we think can help you master the class even quicker and get those sweet BR wins!

  • The Hacker’s active has a somewhat low cool down with a large AOE. Always use it when you sense someone is close, even if you aren’t sure. Disabling an enemy’s actives before the fight even begins is a sure way to get some free hits off.
  • The Ice Pick’s active shows the number of players being affected by your hack. Use this to understand the number of teams in a specific area and make a mental note of the most common locations they can be at.
  • The Hacker is extremely good at end-game circles, use the Ice Pick ability to scout out how many players are near valuable dropped loot by the end of the game.
  • The class is extremely good for exploring newer or more populated areas around the map. As you gather more intel than anyone else and cannot be trapped, the advantage does skew towards your favor.
  • A chip upgrade terminal boosts your Ice Pick’s range and duration to up to 30 seconds for almost 1.5x the radius.
  • Use your Ice Pick ability as an escape! Whenever you feel like you are in a pinch, use the Ice Pick to momentarily disable everyone’s skills and minimap, making sure you get away scot-free!
  • Be aggressive! The Hacker class helps you be extremely stealthy; use this coupled with a silenced weapon from a drop or your loadout to get the jump on your enemies without being noticed or tracked.

This concludes our tips for the Hacker class. Did we miss any? Do you have a tip you want to show? Be sure to let us know in the comments section down below. Stay tuned in for more tips and guides of upcoming classes!

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