Gun Mods Guide for Call of Duty: Mobile | Battle Royale Mode

Gun Mods in COD Mobile Battle Royale

Gun Mods were added in Call of Duty: Mobile‘s Battle Royale mode with the start of Season 9 (The Conquest) in 2020 – but now in the year 2022, not a lot has changed over the years. That season marked a major update for the game because they changed quite a few things in the Multiplayer and Battle Royale game modes, but the basics for gun mods still remain the same even after two years of COD Mobile with 24 seasons. Apart from changing the loot system in BR mode, new weapons were added based on different levels and with default set of attachments. This change brought in gun mods in Season 9 2020.

These gun mods are attached to your weapons and can be picked during the BR match just like any other loot item. If you check your loadout during the match, you will see there is a dedicated slot for attaching a gun mod to your weapon. You can easily switch between these gun mods anytime during the match and they come in different levels i.e. epic, legendary etc. You can only equip one gun mod to each weapon in your bagpack / inventory.

Gun Mods in COD Mobile Battle Royale

There are about 11 mods available that you can pick and equip to your weapon of choice. Remember, if you drop your weapon to switch to another one, you drop the attached gun mod as well. You will have to pick that up again to equip it again to your new weapon. Over the past few seasons, the mechanism to drop and pick up mods have changed a bit. Since the last year, Activision decided to not let the players pick up individual gun mods as loot, but instead they came pre-attached with weapons dropped all over the Battle Royale maps – Isolated and Blackout.

Gunsmith is one aspect of customizing your gun loadout for the BR match. However, you can further enhance the weapon with abilities and powers using these gun mods.

Here is a list of all the gun mods available in Call of Duty: Mobile Battle Royale:

Longshot Mods

This mod increases your weapon range and improves the damage when taking down an opponent at a distance. You can find this mod in several levels. So the higher you go, your weapon damage will increase accordingly.

Extend Mods

Extend Mods in COD Mobile Battle Royale
Extend Mods in COD Mobile Battle Royale

Extend Mods increases ammo capacity and reduces the reload time of the weapon. It comes in several different levels; so higher the level, the better it is. This handy for a weapon that has a high fire-rate and low damage. It will increase the ammo capacity, even if you already have large magazine attachment.

Dense Fire Mods

This mod reduces the bullet spread to improve accuracy. We love using the legendary level of this mod with an AK-47 (Gunsmith Loadout) or ICR-1 assault rifles. It helps reducing the ADS bullet spread, hence you feel a lot less recoil.

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Light Trigger Mods

By default, sniper rifles have a low fire rate. They take a certain time to reload after taking a shot. This specific mod will increase the fire rate, hence giving the sniper automatic weapon feels. You can only equip this gun mod to two specific snipers – M21 EBR and XPR 50. This mod will enable burst-shooting for these two high-range guns.

Muffled Mods

Muffled Mods in COD Mobile Battle Royale
Muffled Mods in COD Mobile Battle Royale

Muffled Mods is similar to putting on a silencer on your gun. It greatly reduces the gun fire sound and also hides your location from the enemy mini-map. This is another mod which is highly recommended on sniper rifles so you can take down enemies from a distance without revealing your location.

Stabilizer Mods

This mod controls recoil and maintains stability when attacked. Stabilizer Mods, when attached to your gun, will lessen down the recoil and improve flinch stability when you are being shot at. Your weapon shakes whenever someone is shooting at you, so this mod will keep things in control for you.

Runner Mods

It increases movement speed after exiting the scope. So whenever you close the aim after ADS’ing, your movement speed will get a significant boost so you can run faster. This is exactly like the Legendary Quickdraw we used to have previously in COD Mobile.

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Slider Mods

Slider Mods in COD Mobile Battle Royale
Slider Mods in COD Mobile Battle Royale

Slider Mods gives you a unique ability that whenever you slide, you weapon is reloaded by one ammo. So the more you slide, you can completely reload your weapon like this when in a tough spot. This is particularly in handy when you are playing with a shotgun or a sniper-rifle at close range and you are out of ammo. You can quickly slide around the enemy, dodging their bullets and completely reload your own to take him down.

Void Mods

This is similar to the Extend Mods we covered above. Void Mods significantly increases the ammo capacity and reduces load time. But, if there is already some ammo in the magazine, remaining will be discarded after the reload. We recommend reloading your gun only when you are down to a single digit ammo in the magazine.

QRF Mods

QRF Mods is one of our favourite mods to use in COD Mobile. It increases your accuracy every time you shoot at an enemy or cause damage to him. So the more you shoot at an opponent, you will get better and more accurate shots – hence, you will take down the enemy quickly.

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Flashlight Mods

Remember the Tactical Flashlight attachment we had before Season 9 came in? Flashlight Mods is exactly that. Once equipped to a weapon, it will release a flash when you open the aims (ADS) to shoot and will make nearby enemies blind for a few milliseconds.

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