Best AK-47 Gunsmith Loadout / Attachments in COD Mobile | Season 10

AK-47 Loadout with Gunsmith Attachments

This is our best AK-47 gunsmith loadout for Season 10 in COD Mobile. This loadout features balanced attachments with an emphasis on skill when it comes to ADS’ing and pre-aiming. Like all AK load-outs, it suffers from drawbacks but if played with our recommended gameplay styles you will be very successful.

AK-47’s in COD Mobile are known for their extreme damage and one-shot capability. Their generally high DPS output allows them to destroy medium-ranged targets with ease. However, they lack their lethal force when it comes to close or long-ranged combat due to their hip-fire and ADS accuracy (at longer ranges.) With a proper peak-and-shoot play-style, any of these gunsmith AK-47 loadouts will decimate opponents with ease. Plus, who doesn’t like one-taps?

AK-47 – Overview and Tips

AK-47 with Rare Camo in Call of Duty: Mobile
Image Credits: Cygonux (YouTube)

This gunsmith loadout on the AK-47 is quite arguably the best loadout this season, dealing 33 damage for up to 50 meters, it helps you undercut some of the inherent disadvantages the AK has with its range; the short ADS times help you pre-aim quite effectively. It is very well-balanced and provides a decent amount of fire-power with little downsides.

This loadout is mainly meant for hybrid gameplay styles with a bigger focus towards medium-range targets due to the addition of suppression. Flanker gameplay style players can try this too, however, the removal of a stock might suit them a bit better as it allows them to have even faster ADS times and reduces bullet-spread at smaller ranges.

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AK-47 Gunsmith Loadout / Attachments

AK-47 Gunsmith Loadout and Attachments in COD Mobile
Image Credits: dGamerHitman (YouTube)

Here we will take a look at our favourite AK-47 gunsmith loadout. The following loadout has been tried and tested by us at BRGeeks.

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor

Monolithic Suppressor provides the gun with bullet spread accuracy, some damage, range, and excellent vertical recoil control. This allows the gun to be lethal at closer ranges and reduce your footprint in close-quartered combat.

Barrel: OWC Ranger

OWC Ranger, ensures excellent medium firing range with a cost on movement speed. Also increases recoil control and bullet spread accuracy at a cost of reduced ADS speed.

Stock: Skeleton Stock

Skeleton Stock, provides it with ADS Speed and Movement Speed, two things the Monolithic Suppressor takes away. This allows the gun to remain balanced and perform well in longer-ranged combat.

Laser: Tactical Laser Sight

Tactical Laser Sight, no real drawbacks, increases your ADS Speed even more at the cost of a negligible reduction in ADS bullet spread. However, be careful! The laser sight can be detected by other players so we recommend close-quartered combat heavily.

Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

Stippled Grip Tape, makes the gun look aesthetically pleasing with a focus on improving ADS Speed and sprint-to-fire speed. However, this comes at a cost of a reduction of ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy which is negligible due to our previous weapon attachments.

So, to summarize this loadout, here are the pros and cons that we have discovered. This loadout however is extremely balanced and packs quite a punch at the cost of losing a bit of close-range firepower and relying a lot on your mastery of long-range ADS recoil control.


  • Great range
  • Quick ADS speed
  • High fire-power


  • Low close-range fire-power
  • Bullet spread at high ranges might need better aim

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