How to Unlock High Alert Perk in COD Mobile | Vigilance Event

High Alert Perk in COD Mobile

The new High Alert perk can now be unlocked in Call of Duty: Mobile as part of an event called Vigilance in Season 10 (The Hunt). The event has just started and includes relatively easier challenges to complete and get this new perk as the reward. Perks are power-ups that you can attach to your loadout and it helps in defeating opponents in Multiplayer matches.

This perk was first launched in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare as a tier 2 perk, but it soon became very popular. It gives a quick second chance to swiftly take an action and take down the enemy. In COD Mobile, this perk was initially spotted in one of the Season 9 test servers but it is finally launched to the public in Season 10.

What is High Alert Perk?

High Alert perk notifies when an enemy outside your view sees you. Your entire vision pulses to let you know someone has spotted you and about to take you down. This gives you a chance for a quick reaction and take the opponent down. You can mark enemies, their equipment and their scorestreaks by aiming down your sights.

Vigilance – Seasonal Event

Vigilance Event - Call of Duty Mobile

There are about five different events going on this season and they all will end early October before Season 11. If you check the list of events, you will see Vigilance as one of them. Completing this event will unlock the High Alert perk for your profile. Not just this perk, you will also get other rewards as part of this challenge.

Here is a list of all the other rewards you get with Vigilance:

  • Thermal Marksman
  • DL Q33 – Pelt
  • M21 EBR – Plated Green

The whole event is designed around sniper rifles and to complete most challenges you will have to play with them i.e. DL Q33.

How to Unlock High Alert Perk

This is how you can unlock High Alert in Call of Duty: Mobile. You need to complete the following challenges to get this perk:

Challenge 1 – Kill 5 enemies with Cold Blooded Perk equipped.

Thermal Marksman in COD Mobile

Challenge 2 – Kill 5 enemies with Sniper Rifles

High Alert Perk in Call of Duty Mobile

Challenge 3 – Kill 10 enemies with High Alert Perk equipped

Unlock DL Q33 - Pelt

Challenge 4 – Kill 10 enemies with DL Q33 Sniper Rifle and High Alert Perk equipped

Unlock M21 EBR - Plated Green

You unlock the High Alert perk after completing the second challenge.

Have you tried this perk before on the PC version of Call of Duty? Share your thoughts below in the comments!

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