Best Landing Locations for Battle Royale in COD Mobile

Let’s discuss the best landing locations in Call of Duty’s Battle Royale. COD Mobile’s Battle Royale is arguably the best way to experience the adrenaline pumping game mode on mobile. There are various points you can land in on the map. Some have good loot, some don’t. So, today we’re excited to show you the best landing spots for the Battle Royale map in COD Mobile!

The Battle Royale game mode relies on players having the ability to quickly adapt to ever-changing situations and finding the best places to land to have an inherent advantage over other players from the start. It features a large ever-changing map and seasonal updates with various classes to keep the game exciting and fun.

Best Battle Royale Landing Locations

Best Landing Locations in COD Mobile Battle Royale

The landing locations we’re about to mention now are judged by us at BRGeeks due to the following criteria:

  • Loot Tiers: The quality of loot you would expect from the place. All of these locations provide epic loot!
  • Player Landing Frequency: The number of players that would land there at a given spot; we tend to go towards areas that are not hot drops!
  • Distance from Center: The distance from the mid-point is extremely important. Players don’t appreciate walking out long distances and having bad positioning in late game circles. Therefore, most of our locations are extremely close to the middle zone.

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We now show you our top 5 picks for the best landing locations on the battle royale map in COD Mobile:


Sanitarium in COD Mobile Battle Royale
Sanitarium – COD Mobile Battle Royale Map Location

The Sanitarium is known for its mid-tier loot scattered throughout open spaces which provide players with very good vantage points. The main draw of the area however, is the door that opens that gives access to high-tier loot by killing 8 teddy bears scattered throughout the area. If players land properly, expect to have high-level loot before 5 minutes into the game.

Black Market

Black Market - COD Mobile Battle Royale
Black Market – COD Mobile Battle Royale Map Location

The Black Market is known for its extremely secretive bunker that not a lot of players know about. While the loot there is okay, if players learn how to get into the bunker, well, then they’re in for a treat. It has a huge map that shows the location of other players and vehicle and a bunch of valuable weapon drops.

The location also has vending machines, which we’ve covered extensively here. These allow you to get vehicles, ammo and weapons.


Countdown - Best Landing Locations in COD Mobile
Countdown – COD Mobile Battle Royale Map Location

An isolated part of the map with loot that is under-rated. It features densely packed drops and usually does not have a lot of players lingering. This location is especially good for newer players who don’t wish to get into the action right away.


Sakura has access to a helicopter / chopper which is almost never used by anyone. It is especially useful when traveling to other parts of the map. Moreover, the map is extremely powerful for camping as it has access to loot and offers good vantage points for sniping.


The Docks are one of the most action-packed areas in the game due to the amount of loot a squad can get there if they drop properly. The area is fun to play, features close combat and the squad that can wipe all the players there usually ends up in the top 10 due to the sheer amount of loot they receive.

This finishes up our list for the best landing points in Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale. Did we miss any? What are your favorite spots? Let us know in the comments down below!

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