Best Landing Locations in Call of Duty: Mobile’s Blackout Battle Royale Map

It’s been almost 8 months since the new Blackout Battle Royale map for Call of Duty: Mobile was released along with the Season 8 (2021) update. This patch also marked the game’s 2nd Anniversary (and we are about to get the third one soon now). Originally from Black Ops 4, the map features iconic landmarks from various Call of Duty games that include locations like Nuketown, Cargo, and more. Now that most pro players have had a long time analyzing and playing into this competitive map, we have listed down the best drop locations below where you can find the best loot and get right into the battle field and get those kills.

Considered as one of the best Battle Royale maps to date for any mobile game, with multiple vantage points, underground bunkers, fallout shelters, and mountains, here’s a list of the best landing locations in Blackout for COD Mobile. This is certainly just our opinion of the best spots to land, if you think there are other better ones out there, do let us know. Not to forget, Activision will be expanding this map with even more new areas by the next season or two. This has been hinted in the Season 5 (2022) Test Server APK.

Best Landing Locations in CODM Blackout Battle Royale

CODM Blackout 004

After careful consideration (and playthroughs of Black Ops 4), we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are locations that grant you the greatest chances of getting high-tier loot in Blackout. With good loot in hand, these spots also allow you to rotate freely if you are caught outside the circle due to the abundance of vehicles in these areas.

The Secret Bunker

The Secret Bunker is located smack dab in the middle of the Fracking Tower. You’ll spot three silos adjacent to each other. Once there, find the switch on the platform which opens blast doors. You’ll be able to find high-tier loot scattered around the map.

If you are with a squad, you can move around the location to find houses nearby for extra loot! The sparsity of the map and lack of nearby players makes it one of the best landing locations in blackout especially for those who wish to loot up before they get into engagements.

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While loot here is primarily high tier, the area itself is sparse and is therefore quiet. This is perfect for beginners or if you want to go for placement instead of kills. If you land your chute towards the Southern side of the Turbines, you’ll be able to score an ATV.

After you do so, quickly move towards the buildings adjacent to the Turbines and try to secure as much loot as possible. The hills to your West are a great vantage if you’re in the mood for some long-range snipes in the new Blackout map in COD Mobile Season 8.

Hydro Dam

CODM Blackout 001

The Hydro Dam is an insanely dangerous hot drop. You’ll be riddled with foes the moment you land. Plus, getting out alive is an even harder feat since the Hydro Dam is surrounded by cliffs on every side. So, a smarter drop is to go near the two office buildings found in COD Mobile’s Blackout map.

You’ll probably have to fight off some foes here. But, you’ll be much better off as you can start taking enemies down from the high ground that the office buildings provide. You can also head onto the Asylum once all the fighting’s over.

Nuketown Island

CODM Blackout 002

Ahhh, Nuketown, the signature map of the Black Ops Series. Found on the western shore of Blackout, the area has an intricate set of underground bunkers and tunnels that are a safe haven for new players.

We recommend entering the underground system from the Southern entrance by the beach. Once inside, lay low. Don’t make a lot of noise and try to get as much loot as you can. Camp the entrance for as long as you can and once the coast is clear, the island is all yours to ransack.

Bonus Tip: If you want to practice your hot drops or just want some kills, the Lighthouse in Blackout is an excellent place to land. However, don’t expect to stay alive for too long as the area is riddled with enemies.

Where is the Best Place to Land in Blackout?

Now that we have mentioned our best picks for the drop locations in Call of Duty: Mobile’s Blackout BR map, let’s mention the best one if we had to pick it. In our opinion, the best place to land in Blackout is Hydro Dam. This is because not a lot of players drop to this area, and it most certainly has the best loot with rare weapons and powerful crates.

Update (May 2022): The above mentioned drop locations are still the best ones to land at, even in the year 2022. However, now that we are into half of this year, a new Season 5 test server was just launched that feature some new upcoming areas for the BR map.

That concludes our take on the best landing locations in COD Mobile Season 8’s newly introduced Battle Royale map, Blackout. What’s your take? Where will you be dropping on your first Blackout match? Let us know in the comments section down below!

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  1. You mentioned hydrodam twice, the first time you said we would be riddled with foes the moment we land and the second time you mentioned it, you said not a lot of players land there. Is it good for a lot of enemies or not?

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