Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 Patch Notes | 2nd Anniversary

Activision has just deployed Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 and we have the complete patch notes for your reading pleasure. The update adds a brand new map for Battle Royale in the game. Titled Blackout, the map is from Black Ops 4. There’s been a complete overhaul on the signature map, Crash, alongside two new weapons, the M13 and R90 being added to the game.

The update is being deployed to the Global and Garena versions of the game as we speak. You’ll need to either download the APK for your phone if or update the game from the PlayStore or App Store depending on your platform. You can find all the relevant details for Call of Duty: Mobile 2nd Anniversary (Season 8) Update down below.

Call of Duty: Mobile Patch Notes | Season 8 Update

Here are the complete patch notes for Call of Duty: Mobile Season 8 Update:

Season 8: 2nd Anniversary brings new content including:

2nd Anniversary Celebration content including Counterattack, Anniversary Cake event, Elite PMC, and PP19 Bizon weapon!

Season 8 Battle Pass releases soon with brand new blueprints and characters!

Significant updates to Battle Royale including the new Blackout map!

UPDATE: COD Mobile Season 8 (2nd Anniversary) APK is now available for download!


Map Updates

Crash has received a visual overhaul including various optimizations to graphics and performance.

New Scorestreak

Lightning Strike – Calls air strikes to 3 target locations on the map.

New Perk

Iron lungs – Extend the time a player can steady a sniper rifle’s scope when aiming down sights.

Battle Royale:

New Map – Blackout

Blackout is coming. The original classic BR map from Black Ops 4 is coming to COD: Mobile!

Class Updates


Toned down the on-screen warning visuals when a Poltergeist is nearby

Active Camo warning distance increased from 35m to 40m after upgrading Poltergeist

Reduced Active Camo activation time from 2s to 1s.


Removed holographic effects from Trickster and Trickster decoys (from enemy point of view)

Trap Master:

Added minor electrical effect to active Electrical Trip Wires.


Greatly increased the distance of winged enemies shown by Fly Swatter

Increased Cluster Strike area radius from 14m to 18m


Medic is now able to boost Armor up to 200 for players with 150 Armor or higher

Master Healer: Healing bonus and reduced time required to bring back knocked down allies increased from 15%/35% to 25%/40%

Gameplay Updates

When the player is close to the enemy in the wingsuit state, the enemy can receive a direction warning

Players now receive a directional warning when an enemy using the Wingsuit is nearby

Wingsuit minimum descent speed has been adjusted

Increased Smoke Grenade smokescreen duration from 12s to 16.5s.Health System Update

The health system has been re-worked and now features Armor to provide additional HP.

HP now regenerates over time

Equipped Armor provides additional HP. Unlike health, armor does not regenerate.

Added the following Armor items:

Armor Repair: Increases Armor by 50

Advanced Armor Repair: Increases Armor by 150

Kinetic Armor Overcharger: Increases Armor by 150, then provides an additional 50 Armor

Weapon Updates

Color-coded quality has been removed from weapons

Weapons now have three mod slots

Updated existing weapon mods and added new mods

Increased weapon drop rateAirdrop Updates

Arsenal airdrops have been added in addition to ordinary airdrops

Two Arsenal airdrops are guaranteed to provide customize weapons

Improved the output of ordinary airdrops

Backpack Updates

The base backpack capacity has been changed to 4 slots, which can be upgraded to 6 slots and 8 slots

The stack limit of the three new armor repair items are 6/2/1

Max ammo carrying capacity has been reduced (does not affect Backpack slots)

Vehicle Updates

The overall terrain of Blackout is relatively smooth. To improve the overall balance of vehicles on this map, we’ve reduced the maximum speed of motorcycles, off-road vehicles and coupes.

Durability of some vehicles has also been reduced

Vehicle Mobility Updates

Helicopter – The mini map displays the locations of the helicopters in real time, allowing players to more quickly determine helicopter positions. We hope this change will help control the number of active helicopters.

Wingsuit – We’ve reduced the horizontal speed and buoyancy of the Wingsuit to achieve a more realistic feel while glidingSlide Updates

Optimized the camera while sliding

Slide distance will now change according to slope and moving speed

Other Improvements

A new quick-swap menu can now be accessed by long pressing the consumable/throwable buttons on the HUD

Improved the experience of picking up and discarding items

Optimized the HUD when driving vehicles

Removed the button to switch between auto/single firing mode

To improve the drop-in experience, parachutes no longer need to be opened manually

New Base Weapons:


Assault rifle with an extremely high fire rate and strong headshot multiplier.


Shotgun with a high capacity that can fire two barrels in a rapid succession before being pumped.


Multiplayer & Battle Royale

Grandmaster tier has been added to the tier list. Grandmaster is above Master and below Legendary.

Increased the rate of rank points gained before reaching Grandmaster.

Legendary Top 5000

Updated visuals for players ranked in the top 5000

More limited-time modes will be available!

Balance Changes:

Multiplayer Weapon Updates

Overall adjustments on Assault Rifles

Decreased Damage Range and Damage to arms

Developer Comment: Damage and range were adjusted to promote higher accuracy when using these weapons.

AS VAL (with 15 Round FMJ) :

Range adjusted from 15M-50M-75M to 25M-38M-75M

Damage adjusted from 46-45-39-34 to 48-44-35-30

Fire rate decreased from +300% to +200%

Slightly increased vertical recoil

Increased hit flinch

Slightly increased firing animation

Developer Comment: Short range performance is significantly improved, while medium and long range performance has been slightly decreased. After the adjustment, the two – shot kill range is longer than Cr56 AMAX but it will be more difficult to control.

Sniper & Marksman Rifles

Adjusted one – shot -kill range

Decreased hit flinch

Developer Comment: These 2 classes of weapons have been given longer range to compensate for ADS sway when compared against Assault Rifles


Increased damage to arms from 48 to 54

Vertical recoil decreased slightly

Bullet Spread decreased slightly

Hit flinch decreased

Decreased range of motion during animation

Developer Comment: We’ve increased the two – shot kill range and made reductions to bullet spread, recoil and hit flinch to improve weapon control.

M21 EBR:

Range increased from : 62M to 65M

Damage increased from : 60-55 to 91-71

Vertical recoil decreased

Hit flinch decreased

Developer Comment: The M21 EBR now has the ability to 2 shot kill through walls.


Damage range adjusted from 62M to 50M

Vertical recoil decreased

Hit flinch decreased

Developer Comment: Able to kill in two shots hitting any part of the body. Able to kill with one shot to the head or chest with OWC Stopping Power Reload equipped.Battle Royale

Rytec AMR:

Headshot multiplier increased from 2 to 3.75

Headshot multiplier increased from 5.25 to 6.5 (25 × 59 mm Thermite Mag)

Base mag capacity increased from 15 to 25

Mag capacity increased from 10 to 20 (Explosive/Thermite Mag)

ADS Time decreased from +25% to +15% (Explosive/Thermite Mag)

Slightly increased movement speed

Slightly decreased weapon swap time from 1s to 0.8s


Headshot multiplier increased from 1.8 to 2.3


Headshot multiplier increased from 1.5 to 2.2


Headshot multiplier increased from 2 to 2.6

SP-R 208:

Headshot multiplier decreased from 5 to 4.3 (.338 5 Round Reload)

Developer Comment: To bridge the gap between the power level of sniper rifles in BR, we’ve adjusted the headshot multipliers of various weapons and attachments.


Increased damage to arms from 26 to 28

Increased damage to legs from: 23 to 24

Developer Comment: Increased damage to arms and legs to improve overall consistency. After the adjustment, as long as the player hits the upper body with one shot, the target can be eliminated with four shots.


Increased damage to head from 29 to 32

Increased damage to chest from 27 to 29

Developer Comment: Increased the damage to head and chest to bring the PDW57 up to speed with the current meta.

Other Adjustments

Increased movement speed when using Thermite or Molotov Cocktail (Lethal)

Decreased the sprinting speed bonus of Lightweight (Perk)

Increased Cluster Strike kill score from 15 to 25

Increased EMP Systems kill score from 15 to 25

Increased Napalm kill score from 10 to 40

Increased Hawk X3 kill score from 20 to 25

Other Optimizations

Premium weapon Camos will no longer upgrade over time

Weapons with model changes can now be equipped with Gold, Platinum, Damascus, and Diamond Camos.

Cluster Strike has been re-worked.. Missiles will now drop one by one instead of three at a time. The total number and duration of missiles remain unchanged.

Two new settings have been added:

Shotgun hit reminder – when switched on, shows which parts of the body were hit

Damage display setting – when switched on, displays the damage values in Multiplayer and Battle Royale.

Slide Distance:

The slide distance of a weapon is now tied to the move speed of the weapon. The faster the move speed, the longer the slide distance. For example, the slide distance when using the AMR (slowest) has been reduced from 4.37M to 4.17M, while the slide distance when using the Knife (fastest) has increased from 4.37M to 5.9M. All other weapons fall within this range. We hope this change will improve weapon diversity while increasing the value of the movement speed attribute.

We’ve made some adjustments to improve sliding for slow-moving firearms. Compared with the previous version, the average distance of the second slide will be farther.

Players can now interrupt climbing by pulling the joystick down while climbing.

Rank Match Optimizations:

Improved skill-based matchmaking when teamed up with 4-5 players

Updated rank icons and improved visuals when promoted to new rank

Increased the starting penalty for leaving Ranked matches to 80 points and doubled the compensation received by other players

Bug Fixes

Fixed an issue where players could not enter Ranked Match due to system errors and are treated as if they left a match

Fixed an issue where the Hawk X3 would slow down when aiming downwards.

Note: These updates have been roughly translated. So, there might be some grammatical errors here and there.

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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