Minecraft Dungeons Update 1.28 Patch Notes

The developers at Mojang Studios have just released Minecraft Dungeons Update 1.28, and here is the patch notes list for you. The Tower is finally expanding with the new multiplayer mode and tons of other new features. Treetop Tangle is a new free mission to explore together with like-minded adventurers. Players who come here will have to prepare themselves for a long climb up a giant tree if they want to discover its secrets.

All the relevant information you may need to know regarding the Minecraft Dungeons patch notes for Update 1.28 is covered in the next section below. You should be able to download and install this patch right away on all the platforms.

Minecraft Dungeons Patch Notes: Update 1.28

Here are the official patch notes for Minecraft Dungeons Update 1.28 that is now rolling out to all the supported platforms of the game:

Tower Multiplayer:

The Tower is expanding – both when it comes to the variety of floors you can encounter, and the number of players in a run! Fauna Faire’s new Tower multiplayer mode supports four players and puts bigger focus on team collaboration in order to overcome threats as you ascend to the top.

  • Up to 4 players can join in online multiplayer or up to 4 players in local multiplayer
  • Players have a shared pool of lives during a Tower run
  • Difficulty scales based on the number of players with increased mob health and mob count

There are also improvements to the Tower, whether playing singleplayer or multiplayer:

  • New Tower floors featuring Cacti Canyon, Windswept Peaks, and Broken Citadel
  • New floors have been added to various Towers which add the Ancient Guardian and Tempest Golem!

Treetop Tangle:

Located somewhere deep within the lush forests of the Jungle Island, Treetop Tangle is a new free mission to explore together with like-minded adventurers. Players who come here will have to prepare themselves for a long climb up a giant tree if they want to discover its secrets. The journey will surely be challenging, but possibly also rewarding as the mission is said to contain some previously undiscovered pieces of gear…

Find the mission in the Island Realms on the mission select screen, even if you don’t own the Jungle Awakens DLC.

New gear to find:

  • Totem of Casting
  • Root Rot Armor
  • Black Spot Armor (Unique)


The rumors of a new merchant villager lurking somewhere on the outskirts of the camp were true! The Enchantsmith has arrived just in time for the faire and has set up shop eight o’clock of the Adventure Hub (that’s southwest for all you non-clock navigators).

  • Utilize their craftmanship to re-roll enchantments on your favorite pieces of gear!
  • Each roll on a single piece of gear increases the cost with Gold
  • The Enchantsmith can be unlocked by rescuing the merchant in Highblock Halls

Random Mission:

A new button has been added to the mission select screen that sends players into a random mission, gaining an additional boost in Adventure Points upon completion of the mission. This feature is available for players that have completed Obsidian Pinnacle on Default difficulty.

Seasonal Adventure:

Fauna Faire brings an animal-focused late summer to the camp. This means there will be an abundance of furr-tastic skins, pets, and other mob-themed cosmetic items to add to your closet. Whether you want to embrace your inner chicken or show off your mighty paw-er, there’s something for everyone. And just as with previous seasonal adventures, Fauna Faire offers two reward tracks – one free and one Adventure Pass track.

The active season can be changed in the Adventure Hub so you can still earn rank and rewards from Seasons 1 and 2. Setting the season in the Adventure Hub will make all Adventure Points go toward ranking up in the selected season!

New Achievements:

Discover and unlock 10 new achievements during your adventures!


Storage Chest

  • If your inventory is full, any picked up loot will now appear in the Storage Chest and you will be notified with a handy message on-screen
  • Inventory filter options have been added to the Storage Chest screen


  • Inventory filter options have been added to the Blacksmith screen

Seasonal Adventures

  • When leaving the Adventure Hub after changing seasons, a popup now appears to inform players that any Adventure Points they earn will go towards the last selected season
  • A popup now appears on screen during gameplay when ranking up in a Seasonal Adventure
  • Improved the Adventure Hub interface with new backgrounds for each season and other small interface tweaks

Wretched Wraith Balancing:

  • General
    • Wretched Wraith idle periods are now fixed
    • Wretched Wraith will now move and re-position between attacks
  • Teleporting
    • Teleporting phase has seen a minor speed increase from 1.2s > 1.0s
  • Weakened State
    • Weakened bonus damage dealt reduced from 3.0x > 2.0X
    • Number of times the wraith enters weakened state reduced from every 0.2 iterations of health > 0.5 iterations
    • Wraith will now perform an AoE attack upon exiting the weakened state
  • Ranged Attack
    • Projectile velocity increased for standard ranged attack by 50% (from 1.0 > 1.5)
    • Standard ranged attack now inflicts freezing for 3s
  • Flurry Attack
    • Projectile velocity increased by 20%
  • Standard Melee
    • Standard Melee now inflicts Freezing for 3s
  • Area of Effect
    • AoE attack damage has been increased by 20% from 30 > 36
    • AoE attack knockback has been increased by 50% from 4.0 blocks > 6.0 blocks
    • AoE cooldown reduced from 4s > 3s
  • Summons
    • During the summon phase – the Wretched Wraith can also summon Icy Creepers and Frozen Zombies
    • Mob pick-type is now randomized

Wildfire Balancing:

  • Regeneration in-fire moved to shields
    • Regeneration of health removed in-fire
    • Regeneration in-fire set to 3x speed
  • Initial shield regeneration increased from 6s > 8s
  • Subsequent shield regeneration increased from 5s > 7s
  • Shields health increased from 200 HP > 250 HP (to a combined total of 1,000)
    • Shields now regenerate at maximum HP
  • Wildfire now has a small invincibility window when a shield is broken
  • Wildfire chase speed increased from 0.5 > 0.7
  • Increased Wildfire size scaling from 1.5 > 1.7

Weapon Balancing:

  • Anchor
    • Damage reduced 15% from 280 > 238
  • Boneclub
    • Damage increased 20%
      • Standard: 135 > 162
      • Heavy: 169 > 203
  • Broken Sawblade
    • Combo size increased from 7 > 10
      • Mechanized Sawblade: 11 > 15
    • Cooldown reduced from 2.0 > 1.5
    • Attack speed increased from 0.3 > 0.2
    • Damage reduced 5% from 45 > 42
  • Cutlass
    • Damage increased 50% from 50 > 75
  • Coral Blade
    • Range increased
      • Standard: 280 > 350
      • Heavy: 250 > 320
    • Attack speed increased
      • Standard: 0.2 > 0.18
      • Heavy: 0.60 > 0.54
  • Sponge Striker
    • Attack speed increased 10%
      • Standard: 0.2 > 0.18
      • Heavy: 0.50 > 0.45
  • Daggers
    • Range increased from 350 > 370
    • Damage increased 10% from 35 > 39
  • Gauntlets
    • Attack speed decreased by 20% from 0.125 > 0.15
  • Hunting Bow
    • Damage increased 20% from 1 > 1.2
    • Charge multiplier increased 10% from 2.2 > 2.42
  • Katana
    • Attack speed increased 20%
      • Standard: 0.6 > 0.48
      • Heavy: 0.75 > 0.6
  • Mace
    • Attack speed decreased 10%
      • Standard: 0.4 > 0.44
      • Heavy: 0.7 > 0.77
    • Damage increased 25%
      • Standard: 65 > 81
      • Heavy: 140 > 175
  • Obsidian Claymore
    • Attack speed decreased 10%
      • Standard: 0.7 > 0.77
      • Heavy: 1.2 > 1.32
  • Shortbow
    • Charge multiplier increased 10% from 1.5 > 1.65
  • Soul Scythe
    • Attack speed increased 20%
      • Standard: 0.6 > 0.48
      • Heavy: 0.7 > 0.56
  • Trickbow
    • Damage increased 20% from 0.6 > 0.72
    • Charge multiplier increased 10% from 2.0 > 2.2
  • Wind Bow
    • Charge multiplier increased 10% from 2.5 > 2.75

Enchantment Balancing:

  • Ambush
    • Damage increase percentile per level increased from 15% > 20%
  • Anima Conduit (Ranged)
    • Increased “healing per soul factor base” from 0.02 > 0.04
  • Bag of Souls
    • Increased level incremental percentage from 33% > 50%
  • Beast Boss
    • Damage per level increased from 0.1 > 0.2
  • Beast Burst
    • Blast radius increased 20% from 700 > 840
  • Dipping Poison
    • Increased arrow count
      • Lvl 1: 4 > 6
      • Lvl 2: 6 > 8
      • Lvl 3: 8 > 12
  • Freezing
    • “Base Slowed” increased from 0.8 > 0.7
  • Gravity Pulse
    • Decreased time between pulses from 5.0 > 3.0
  • Illager’s Bane
    • Damage increase per level increased by 5%
  • Lucky Explorer
    • Rate to spawn Emeralds increased from 2% > 5%
  • Reckless
    • Health decreased from 0.6 > 0.4
    • Increase at level one reduced from 0.4 > 0.5
  • Smiting
    • Damage increased to scale with Illager’s Bane
    • Damage increased from 20%, 30%, 40% > 25%, 35%, 45%
  • Soul Siphon
    • Increased chance to activate from 5% > 20%
    • Base soul spawn amount decreased from 2 > 1

Artifact Balancing:

  • Fishing Rod
    • Cooldown reduced from 5s > 1.5s
    • Stun duration increased from 1.5s > 3s
  • Eye of the Guardian
    • Damage increased by 100%
    • Laser duration increased from 3s > 4s
    • Time to aim decreased from 1.0s > 0.8s
    • Cooldown time increased from 20s > 22s
  • Gong of Weakening
    • Damage multiplier reduced from 3.0x > 2.0x
    • Artifact range increased from 400 > 500
    • Weakening duration increased from 4s > 5s
  • Ice Wand
    • Damage increased from 470 > 600
    • Cooldown reduced from 20s > 15s
  • Power Shaker
    • Increased attack stack from 4 > 5
    • Increased damage 10% from 235 > 259
    • Increased cooldown from 8s > 10s
  • Satchel of Elixirs
    • Reduced cooldown from 30s > 25s
  • Satchel of Snacks
    • Reduced cooldown from 20s > 16s
  • Scatter Mines
    • Team and self-damage removed 0.1 > 0.0
    • Damage output increased 10% from 600 > 660
  • Shadow Shifter
    • Soul Consumption reduced from 50 > 40
  • Spinblade
    • Pull in distance reduced from 300 > 220
    • Blade acceleration decreased from 10,000 > 8,000
    • Damage increased 20%
    • Blade absorb distance reduced from 100 > 80
  • Vexing Chant
    • Vex health increased from 140 > 240


Performance / Stability

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when accepting mission rewards (MCD-7187)
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when joining an online session with four players using Blast Fungus
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when quitting to the main menu from the Tower


  • Tridents no longer fail to trigger lightning when hitting mobs directly (MCD-6998)
  • Fixed Tridents getting stuck on a player’s back if the player died while carrying one (MCD-7118)
  • Players are now immune to Levitation Shot during their brief invulnerability period after respawning (MCD-7161)
  • Fixed players having to move around to attempt repicking up a Raid Banner
  • Improved the visual effects of soul gathering
  • Fixed players being unable to break ice they’re trapped in after pressing the ranged attack button
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to duplicate items, emeralds, and gold using the Storage Chest
  • Fixed some instances where player character models would appear greyed out during cutscenes in online multiplayer
  • Fixed an issue that caused players in local co-op to be able to leave the screen and not teleport back
  • Fixed players flying high into the air after being hit by Levitation Shot while falling into frozen water (MCD-7395)
  • Fixed ‘kicked’ player status not lifting after the player is reinvited by a host playing on Xbox
  • The Eponymous Squid’ achievement now unlocks properly for all players in co-up after reaching the achievement criteria
  • Fixed the ‘Seriously Overpowered’ achievement unlocking without meeting the unlock criteria
  • Fixed an issue that prevented hosts from being able to invite players after creating a private online session
  • Having two instances of ambush music triggered at once is now handled more gracefully (MCD-7036)
  • Fixed an issue that caused Player 4 to disconnect if any other player’s controller was disconnected in local co-op


  • The Tempest Golem’s ranged attack now only hits within its indicator and no second invisible attack
  • Fixed the Ancient Guardian to stop it from despawning before it had finished the dissolve effect
  • Mobs hit by Tridents no longer disappear before the Trident explodes
  • Fixed Endersent getting stuck in an infinite attack loop (MCD-7241)
  • Windcallers can no longer attack players who have used Shadow Brew (MCD-7047)
  • Fixed Whisperers not getting skewered by Tridents if they didn’t have low enough health
  • Fixed the Wretched Wraith death animation when using mob flairs


  • Clients in online multiplayer sessions now get items with the correct power level from merchants and mission drops (MCD-5449)
  • Removed the ability for Mystery Armor to have two separate ink cloud effects, one of which did not work (MCD-6357)
  • Bubble Burster enchanted with Burst Bowstring no longer deals instakill damage when wearing Shadow Walker (MCD-6361)
  • Fixed the enchantment shine on The Starless Night (MCD-7130)
  • Fixed the Corrupted Beacon flickering when used in the Tower
  • Reduced the particle trail of the Sparkler to improve particles stretching across the screen (MCD-5976)
  • Mercenary Armor’s gear drop icon now matches the look of the actual armor (MCD-7088)
  • Using a Shadow Brew potion after the Shadow Shifter artifact no longer breaks the Shadow Form transparency effect
  • Fixed the sound effect for Dark Katana not playing when moving the item in the inventory until the inventory was closed (MCD-7312)


  • The Refreshment enchantment now triggers properly for every mob killed by explosion damage when using Exploding Crossbow or Fireworks Arrow (MCD-7046)
  • Key Golems are no longer affected by Void Strike, so players no longer have to wait to pick it up until the effect wears off ([MCD-7096 (MCD-7096)
  • Attacking the Wretched Wraith with the Shock Web enchantment no longer prevents it from attacking or moving (MCD-7176)
  • If Burst Bowstring and Infinity enchantments both trigger while using artifact arrows, the artifact arrows are now properly restored (MCD-7252)
  • Fixed the Ricochet enchantment not being triggered while using Thundering Quiver (MCD-7409)
  • Health Synergy now only triggers upon successful combat pet summons

The Camp

  • Fixed player movement drifting when inside Camp structures (MCD-7156)
  • Improved the animation of the Tower door in the Camp when players in multiplayer approach and leave the door
  • Fixed the level 1 Mystery Merchant missing pieces of their stall in the Camp
  • Filled in some land in a gap of the Camp (MCD-2627)
  • Merchants’ backgrounds now show the sky correctly in the Camp

The Tower

  • Fixed an issue where players may have had to clear the same floor twice if the ‘Leave Tower’ option was used after suspending a run on the same floor
  • The Tower floor reward screen now shows comparisons for rewards compared to equipped gear
  • Altered the damage output of Creepers when playing the Tower to be less punishing
  • Fixed Slimes spawned by the Corrupted Cauldron in the Tower remaining after the player died and respawned
  • Fixed Ghasts becoming invisible in the Tower after players summon pets
  • Fixed players being able to skip the Tower floor reward screen
  • Players no longer keep the Key Golem after dying on some Tower floors
  • Players can no longer start a Tower run with their own gear by dying in the Camp (MCD-7178)
  • Players can no longer start a Tower run on an unavailable difficulty level until the difficulty has been unlocked
  • The ‘Escape’ key can now be used to undo selected Tower floor rewards
  • Updated the ‘Give Up’ Tower prompt to be a bit clearer
  • Fixed fog popping in and out when the camera is zooming out on some Tower balconies
  • Adjusted the order of death messages when failing Tower floors to make more sense
  • Adjusted the buttons on the ‘Go to Camp’ prompt to be clearer and more consistent with other screens (MCD-7193)
  • Swapped the positions of the Accept and Undo buttons on the Tower floor reward screen to be more consistent with other screens. The Undo button is now red, too
  • Sound effects now play when pressing the Accept and Undo buttons on the Tower floor reward screen
  • Fixed sound effects not playing when equipping and unequipping items on the Tower floor reward screen when playing with mouse and keyboard
  • The number of bosses defeated in the Tower now updates properly when suspending a Tower run
  • Fixed a levitating torch on a Tower floor (MCD-7116)
  • If three artifacts are equipped in the Tower, selecting a new one with the mouse will no longer always replace the artifact in the first slot
  • Fixed the artifact in the third slot not activating on the first gamepad button press in some cases

Ancient Hunts

  • Took another shot at fixing the missing terrain issue in Spider Cave on Ancient Hunts (MCD-7110)
  • It is now possible to start an Ancient Hunt and offer Enchantment Points even while having 0 Enchantment Points available, as long as the items sacrificed have the same (or higher) amount of invested Enchantment Points in them. If the player does not have any Enchantment Points and they offer only unenchanted items, the system will not allow offering any points (MCD-5274)
  • Fixed a bug where the host lost sacrificed items when the Ancient Hunt mission vote failed (MCD-7344)
  • Fixed a bug where clients were unable to request to continue their Ancient Hunt mission in another players Camp
  • Fixed portals at the end of Ancient Hunts being incorrectly rotated by 90 degrees (MCD-5303)
  • Fixed doors appearing instead of Nether portals (MCD-5312)
  • Players can now spawn Thundering Growth in Ancient Hunts by sacrificing Jungle Awakens items, even if they don’t own the Jungle Awakens DLC
  • Removed a button that didn’t do anything when fighting the Tiny Scourge in Ancient Hunts (MCD-6547)
  • Fixed door texture flickering in Crimson Forest on Ancient Hunts (MCD-7114)


  • The development team has done a massive sweep at fixing issues in the world. This includes every mission across the base game, all DLCs, Ancient Hunts, and the Tower. There are hundreds of fixes with too many to list individually! These are the areas that fixes were focused on:
    • Filled gaps in the environment
    • Player and mob pathfinding
    • Fixed lighting issues
    • Removed unnecessary invisible walls
    • Added missing collisions
    • Fixed ambush skips
    • Fixed floating objects
    • Fixed flickering textures
  • Fixed an area where players could go out of bounds on Lonely Fortress (MCD-7004)
  • It is no longer possible to bypass the gate and break progression on Creepy Crypt (MCD-1356)
  • Fixed a secret already being found at the beginning of Creeper Woods (MCD-4613)
  • Fixed an area that could result in an infinite death loop on Arch Haven (MCD-3881)
  • Locked rotation of a tile in Desert Temple so a secret area could no longer be blocked (MCD-1701)
  • Fixed a stubborn door that wouldn’t open in the crypt area on Pumpkin Pastures (MCD-6044)
  • Fixed an area that players could get stuck in after respawning in the crypt area of Pumpkin Pastures (MCD-23)
  • Fixed a pretty spooky issue that caused players to get stuck between two graves on Creeper Woods (MCD-489)
  • Fixed several areas where players could walk off the map on The Stronghold (MCD-6375)
  • Fixed an area where the foreground terrain obstructed the player’s view on Creeper Woods (MCD-1859)
  • Fixed Pufferfish being immune to explosion damage in some areas on Abyssal Monument
  • Fixed an area that could be cut off on the map on Crimson Forest (MCD-7115)
  • Fixed gate opening animations replaying on Desert Temple during online co-op
  • Removed the Iron Golem’s air bubble from Hidden Depths missions
  • Fixed a hole in terrain that players could get stuck in on Dingy Jungle (MCD-5856)
  • Fixed the Ancient Guardian pre-fight animations not playing properly
  • Fixed the moving walkways at the end of the Ancient Guardian fight rising too quickly


  • Fixed the ‘Vanish’ mob flair not appearing correctly after defeating Spiders
  • Fixed an issue that allowed an infinite number of cosmetic pets to be spawned in. Sorry everybody! (MCD-6985)
  • Fixed several emotes continuing to play while players were frozen in ice, so they didn’t look very frozen


  • Fixed cutscene subtitles in Simplified Chinese not matching up with the voiceovers for several missions
  • Renamed language configuration to Spanish (Latin America) (MCD-7323)
  • Fixed grammatical errors in Torment Quiver’s description (MCD-6563)
  • Fixed the ‘Reserved Item’ pickup prompt text not being centered for majority of items in multiple languages
  • Fixed ‘Weekly Challenge Complete’ text not fitting in the prompt on several languages
  • Fixed the Arctic Fox Armor description overlapping the Salvage button on the inventory screen in some languages
  • Fixed the ‘Start Tower Run’ text not fitting in the button in Spanish (Latin America) language
  • Corrected the Italian translation of the message that appears after picking up an item (MCD-6432)
  • Adjusted translations of several words like “End” and “Nether” (MCD-6763)
  • Corrected the Polish translation of the Weekly Challenge “Defeat Mobs with no Weapons Equipped” (MCD-7147)


  • Pressing the TAB key once again cycles through interactable buttons and elements on menus (MCD-7042)
  • The screen reader now properly reads navigation information on the Blacksmith screen
  • The screen reader now properly reads items in the Storage Chest
  • The screen reader now properly reads the navigation tooltip on the Gift Wrapper screen

User Interface

  • The option to rebind the Emote button is now available in the Settings menu (MCD-6963)
  • Fixed an issue that prevented item descriptions from being expanded on inventory screens (MCD-7228)
  • Fixed the ‘Download Hero’ button becoming unresponsive with cloud saves
  • Input is no longer lost after canceling the “Give Up” pop up invoked by attempting to join another game from Friends menu
  • Improved error messaging shown when the Adventure Hub is not available offline
  • Fixed inactive effect icons staying on the screen after exceeding the number of six active effects
  • Fixed the mission difficulty slider losing focus when switching from Default to Apocalypse difficulty
  • Avatar power level shown on the Tower mission screen is now consistent with power level shown inside the Tower
  • The Upload/Download Hero screens now show the correct number of Enchantment Points a player has (MCD-7034)
  • Fixed the dodge/roll button icon overlapping the XP bar on the HUD
  • Fixed icons for Enchantment Points and item type being too large on Storage Chest, Blacksmith, and Gift Wrapper screens
  • Merchant screens no longer lose focus after pressing the Right button on gamepad on the mission vote confirmation prompt
  • If an item is being moved in the inventory when a mission is starting, the item no longer remains on screen while the mission is loading (MCD-7058)
  • Fixed the Adventure Hub statue mouse cursor highlight zone being larger than the statue
  • The Firework flair preview now appears properly on the inventory screen
  • Fixed the sizes of the mission and difficulty buttons the map screen so they now match in height
  • Fixed the player on the Tower floor reward screen losing animation after completing specific floors
  • Fixed the Quit Game prompt sometimes appearing twice on the main menu when playing on Windows
  • Made several adjustments to text sizing of the Season Rank popup on the main menu
  • Fixed being able to scroll past the 50th rank slot on Adventure Hub
  • The correct arrow icon now appears on the HUD when using the Infinity enchantment and playing a Daily Trial with the Burning Arrows modifier (MCD-7087)
  • Cosmetics no longer appear transparent when previewing on the Adventure Hub
  • Highlighting certain rewards in Adventure Hub while having no items equipped no longer causes the character’s inventory preview to disappear
  • Adjusted the Adventure Hub to scale better on non-16:9 screen resolutions
  • Added player specific borders to the edge of the screen when viewing the Adventure Hub and Storage Chest in local co-op
  • Equipped pets no longer appear when previewing emotes on the Adventure Hub
  • Fixed objective text on the HUD not updating when playing online multiplayer
  • Fixed boss and mini boss health bars overlapping the mission objective when playing 3 and 4 player local co-op
  • Fixed elements of the main menu running off the screen when playing local four player co-op
  • Fixed the controller interact button locking up after quitting a mission story screen (MCD-7253)
  • Fixed notifications not appearing after finishing some weekly challenges

If you’d like to read more game updates and news, check out our Patch Notes section.

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