Fennec Gunsmith Loadout and Attachments in Call of Duty: Mobile

This is our best gunsmith loadout for the Fennec in COD Mobile. It has the highest fire-rate of any gun in Call of Duty: Mobile with an adequate amount of damage per bullet. The Fennec is quite a powerful gun under most circumstances especially when you couple its high fire rate with the mobility the gun provides.

The fully automatic sub-machine gun is a beast when it comes to close-quartered combat which is the primary use case of the gun. The gun is unlockable by grinding the free or the premium battle pass to level 21. Be sure to do it quickly though, the gun will not be available after this season ends.

Fennec – Overview and Tips

Fennec Overview

The Fennec has the highest fire-rate in the game without any attachments. However, with this gunsmith loadout expect it to have an even higher fire rate with the addition of the attachments we’re going to be telling you. Moreover, you’ll be moving around a lot with this gun since it does the highest amount of damage at closer ranges.

For this loadout in particular, we recommend a close-range aggro gameplay style as the loadout and gun is mainly meant for close-corners and being generally more mobile than most other players in the game. The gun itself has a skill curve that you need to get used to and is quite hard to play if you haven’t gotten the recoil pattern just right.

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Fennec Gunsmith Loadout / Attachments

Fennec gunsmith Loadout and Attachments

We are now going to take a detailed look at our favorite gunsmith loadout for the Fennec in Season 11. This loadout has been tested by as at BRGeeks and we absolutely recommend it!

Barrel: MIP Extended Light Barrel

This provides the gun with damage and range. Since it is a pretty fast firing gun there’s pretty much low damage. So , it increases the dmaage and makes the gun more versatile.

Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical

We use the OWC Laser – Tactical for both ADS Speed and Bullet Spread Accuracy. Both of these are extremely important to amp up and this is usually the attachment of choice for almost every loadout we use here at BRGeeks since it has almost no disadvantages except a visible laser sight.

Underbarrel: Strike Foregrip

The Strike Foregrip helps with the Vertical Recoil Control and ADS Bullet Spread Accuracy adding much needed stability to the fast firing SMG alongside reducing some of the downsides this gun had with shoddy recoil control.

Ammunition: Extended Mag A

No other magazine seems to work on this gun and the SMG itself does not play well without some extra magazine capacity to its name due to its high fire-rate. It does reduce our Bullet Spread Accuracy but we don’t need to worry about that since it has already been beefed up by our previous attachments.

Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape

We use a Stippled Grip Tape to help with our ADS and Sprint-to-Fire Speed. This is because are priroritizing our ADS Speed the most in this loadout in general.


  • Fastest fire-rate in the game
  • Extremely mobile SMG


  • Recoil is hard to control
  • Low damage at longer ranges

This concludes our article for the best Gunsmith loadout and attachments for the new Fennec! We hope you liked our take on the gun.

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