AS VAL Gunsmith Loadout and Attachments in Call of Duty: Mobile

The Season 2 (2021) of Call of Duty: Mobile is out and the game is getting better and better. New updates are coming and that too with some speed. Activision has been very consistent in making the game as smooth as possible and also introducing new maps, weapons, challenges, and other stuff every month. This time around as well, we have got two new guns in the new season. The SPR 208 is yet to come, whereas the AS VAL is here with different gunsmith loadouts. However, here we will be discussing the best loadout for the latest weapon.

Below you will read all the details about the best gunsmith loadout for the AS VAL assault rifle. Moreover, an overview of the gun will also be available.

AS VAL – Overview

AS VAL AR in COD Mobile

The players can get the AS VAL after reaching the 21st tier of Season 2’s Battle Pass. It won’t be long before you will be playing with the gun in-game. Now talking about the different aspects of this gun, then the AS VAL can be converted either into a marksman rifle or into a type of an SMG. Well, the Marksman variant does a one-shot to the head with the 10 round FMJ attachment, but the recoil is insane, So, we would suggest using the SMG variant.

The gun with the SMG kind of variant, has a fast fire rate, larger magazine, and an extremely good time to kill. Not just that, the recoil is way easier to control. Moreover, the range of the gun is also excellent and the accuracy is on the positive side as well. One thing is for sure, with our below-suggested AS VAL gunsmith loadout, you won’t be disappointed using the gun.

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AS VAL Loadout / Attachments

AS VAL best gunsmith loadout in COD Mobile

In this AS VAL gunsmith loadout, we will be focusing more on increasing our movement speed and ADS speed. The gun doesn’t have a lot of recoil so it won’t be hard to control that. Moreover, it has a long range as well. And lastly, the accuracy is good too.

Having said that, the following is our suggested gunsmith loadout attachments for the weapon.

Barrel: MIP Quick Response Barrel

The Barrel we will be using is a new one, which is the MIP Quick Response Barrel. What it will do is reduce the ADS speed by 5% and upgrade the ADS movement speed by 5%. Even if your reflexes lack a bit, you can still win the gunfight due to your speed.

Stock: OWC Skeleton Stock

With this attachment, the ADS speed gets a reduction by 8%, whereas the ADS movement speed gets better by 15%. One of the best stocks that you can put on AS VAL or any other gun.

Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical

Obviously, we suggest putting on the OW Laser – Tactical on not just the AS VAL, but on any other weapon. This particular laser reduces the ADS time by 8% as well as it brings down the ADS bullet spread by 9.2%. So, more speed and better accuracy.

Perk: Full Ammo

The Full Ammo perk gives you Max bullets when you spawn-in and will be useful if you don’t fancy using the Vulture pack.

Ammunition: Large Extended Mag B

The Large Extended Mag B is a very necessary attachment for the AS VAL. Instead of 20 bullets, you will get 10 additional ones. And of course, 30 bullets are way better than using 20.

So, this was all about the best Gunsmith loadout for the AS VAL assault rifle. Do let us know in the comments below if you like the Marksman variant of the gun or the one that we suggested.

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