QXR Gunsmith Loadout and Attachments in Call of Duty: Mobile

The QXR SMG is the newly released Submachine Gun in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 13, alongside the Peacekeeper MK2 Assault rifle. The QXR is becoming the go-to SMG in the game since the Fennec has been nerfed quite a lot with the start of the new season. There can be a lot of different gunsmith loadout for the QXR, however, we will be discussing the best one to make the gun as versatile as possible.

Many pro players are also opting to go with the QXR in-game and it is also being used in ranked nowadays. There is a special attachment that comes with the gun, and is literally the cherry on the cake. Read below to find out the best gunsmith loadout for the brand new weapon.

QXR SMG – Overview

QXR is a great addition in the submachine guns category in Call of Duty: Mobile. The SMGs have been nerfed and most of the people are making the assault rifles as their main weapon. However, QXR is one of the more viable SMGs in the game since it is very versatile, even at medium range, and shreds the enemies in close one.

The hip-fire of the gun is also useable at short range, if suddenly an enemy pops out of nowhere. The ADS speed is also great, just like every other submachine gun, and the fire rate is fast as well. Its effectiveness of prime is short to medium range, and has a very quick time to kill along with that.

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QXR Gunsmith loadout / Attachments

QXR SMG best gunsmith loadout

Our QXR gunsmith loadout will focus on different aspects of the gun to make it as versatile as possible. It will increase its fire rate, mobility, bullet spread accuracy to win some medium and long range gunfights, and will add some additional range to give you an advantage over your enemies.

The only downside would be the controls. However, it is not a big issue since the gun has an easy recoil pattern to control. Moreover, it will be much efficient if you are a Gyroscope player. Now, without any further ado, let’s see what these gunsmith loadout attachments do.

Barrel: OWC Marksman

The OWC Marksman is the best barrel to put on the gun, as it has 4 plus points with only two negative ones. First of all, it will increase the ADS bullet spread accuracy by 8%. Secondly, your damage range will increase by a huge 30%, giving you that medium to long range advantage. Also vertical and horizontal recoil will reduce by some margin as well.

The down side will be the movement and ADS speed, but we got that covered with our next gunsmith attachment.

No Stock

No stock will increase your mobility, which includes the ADS speed and your movement speed. Though, the down side is that your ADS bullet spread accuracy, flinch accuracy and vertical recoil control would take a hit.

Perk: Enhanced Bolt

Enhance bolt is the must have attachment for the QXR. The reason for saying that is, it increases the fire rate by a lot. You will be firing 13% faster as compared to the base fire rate. And, as you know, every bullet matters.

Laser: OWC Laser – Tactical

Still the best laser attachment after so many seasons of gunsmith. The OWC laser – tactical will improve the ADS bullet spread accuracy as well as the ADS speed of the gun. Your laser will be visible while aiming down sights but it isn’t that much of a problem.

Extended Mag A

The QXR has got a high fire rate, especially with the enhanced bolt attachment. So, it means that you will run of bullets very fast. To cover that up, we suggest using the extended mag A to have at least 40 bullets in a single magazine, which can take down even 3 enemies in a single go.

This was all about our best gunsmith loadout for the brand new QXR SMG. Have you tried this gun or do you have a better suggestion for the gunsmith? Do let us know in the comments below.

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