How to Unlock the Bull Charge Operator Skill in Call of Duty: Mobile

This is how you can unlock the new Bull Charge Operator Skill in COD Mobile. Season 3: Tokyo Escape of Call of Duty: Mobile is now live and the theme is absolutely stunning this time. Apart from the theme, there are tons of new things to look at in the game. New maps, weapons, events, and much more have arrived. In addition, COD Mobile has introduced a brand new Operator Skill this season which is called the Bull Charge.

The new season has brought in a number of new features that we are excited about. From new maps, to two new weapons and a new Battle Pass with plenty of exclusive new rewards. Now let’s dive right into how you can get the Bull Charge Operator Skill.

What is Bull Charge Operator Skill?

The brand new operator skill allows the player to decimate their enemies by running over them. Once you activate the operator skill, you will have roughly 4 to 5 seconds to go through your enemies and as soon as you contact them, they will die instantly. However, if you encounter a wall or a non-movable object, then the time period of the operator will decrease. Eventually, it can kill multiple enemies at once as well, so using it in the smaller maps will be more beneficial as compared to some of the larger ones.

The following is the official trailer of the Bull Charge Operator Skill:

How to Unlock the Bull Charge Operator Skill

In order to unlock the latest Bull Charge operator skill, all you need to do is reach the 14th tier of the Battle Pass. Once done, you will have the option to add this Operator Skill in your loadout.

How to Unlock the Bull Charge Operator Skill in COD Mobile

You need tips on how to quickly complete the Battle Pass tiers? Just play some Multiplayer and Battle Royale matches, or complete the challenges and events to level up faster. To read up more tips on leveling up faster, read: How to Rank Faster in COD Mobile.

Since the Battle Pass just kicked off, you have around 40 days to reach Tier 14 and unlock the new Operator Skill for your loadout.

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available on Android and iOS. The latest Season 3 (2021) called Tokyo Escape just started and will be running for atleast the next 35-40 days.

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