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Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 "Tokyo Escape" (Featured Image)

The much-awaited Season 3: Tokyo Escape of Call of Duty Mobile is finally out. The second season was a great success and now it has come to end after its month-long run. The latest season, however, has come up with a lot of brand new stuff. there are new weapons, maps, seasonal challenges, modes, lucky draws, featured events, rewards, and much more. Every season, COD Mobile releases a new Battle Pass and the same is the case with the ever-so-fresh Season 3. Its Battle Pass is an excellent one with a lot of exclusive and cool stuff. If you have not purchased a Battle Pass as of yet, then the current one can be a great choice to start off proceedings.

In this article below, we will be listing down all the CODM Season 3 (2021) Battle Pass rewards. Two sections will be available, one for the free rewards, and the other one for the paid. So, without any further ado, let us begin.

CODM Season 3 (2021) Battle Pass Rewards

COD Mobile Season 3 Battle Pass rewards

The latest Battle pass of COD Mobile has, as mentioned earlier, all the novel rewards. Exclusively, it has four new character skins, five epic weapon skins, a pristine operator skill, a new weapon, and much more. All of that will be listed down below according to their tiers at which you unlock them.

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Premium Battle Pass Rewards

The following are the premium Battle Pass rewards in COD Mobile Season 3: Tokyo Escape.

TierPremium Rewards
Tier 1Hidora – the Boss
Tier 1Type 25 – Oni
Tier 1Legendary Calling Card – Showdown
Tier 1Charm – Hannya
Tier 10RUS-79U – Karuta
Tier 12Zero – Escape
Tier 15Emote – Way of the Sword
Tier 30Takeo – Sensei
Tier 35ASM10 – Scabbard
Tier 40QXR – Scorching Sun
Tier 45Backpack – Kendo
Tier 50Spectre – Ninja
Tier 50PP19 Bizon – Yokai
Tier 50Samurai Frame
Tier 50Avatar – The Boss

Free Battle Pass Rewards

The following are the free tier battle pass rewards in COD Mobile Season 3: Tokyo Escape.

TiersFree Rewards
Tier 1Scout – Paper Fan
Tier 4Pharo – Severed
Tier 8Helicopter – Paper Fan
Tier 14New Operator Skill – Bull Charge
Tier 16Sticker – Golden Silence
Tier 18Defender – Paper Fan
Tier 21New Functional Weapon – PP19 Bizon
Tier 26Medic – Paper Fan
Tier 28Frag Grenade – Paper Fan
Tier 31RPD – Severed
Tier 34Concussion Grenade – Paper Fan
Tier 36Trip Mine – Paper Fan
Tier 38Charm – Samurai Tuna
Tier 41NA-45 – Severed
Tier 46Calling Card – Samurai Slash
Tier 50M16 – Severed

Epic Characters

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 "Tokyo Escape" Battle Pass Characters

Just like every other season, this time as well we have got four new epic characters in the Battle Pass. It has now become a routine for the developers to reward the fans with four new characters and five new epic weapons in the BP of every season.

  • Hidora – the Boss
  • Zero – Escape
  • Takeo – Sensei
  • Spectre – Ninja

Epic Weapons

COD Mobile Season 3 Battle Pass new weapons

Without any surprises, we have got five exclusive weapon blueprints in the Battle Pass of CODM Season 3. Moreover, it includes the brand new PP19 Bizon – Yokai as well, which is available at the 50th tier of the premium pass.

  • Type 25 – Oni
  • RUS-79U – Karuta
  • ASM10 – Scabbard
  • QXR – Scorching Sun
  • PP19 Bizon – Yokai

New Operator Skill

Bull Charge operator Skill

Available at the 14th tier of the Battle Pass, the description of the Bull Charge Operator skill reads in-game:

“Charge Forward and level all enemies in your path.”

New Functional Weapon

PP19 Bizon

The PP19 Bizon is a fully automatic SMG that has been introduced into the game. You can experience the gun yourself once you reach the 21st tier of the battle pass.

This was all about the free and paid Battle Pass rewards of the latest Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 (2021). We will be covering more insights from the game, so, stay tuned.

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