Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Characters in Battle Pass, Bundles, Crates

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 3 Tokyo Escape Battle Pass

Call of Duty: Mobile’s long-awaited Season 3 Battle Pass will be releasing today as it succeeds the current season, Day of Reckoning. The new season “Tokyo Escape” will be bringing out tons of content with it. However, perhaps the most interesting cosmetic additions to the game are the theme appropriated characters added in the game which can be unlocked from the Battle Pass, through Bundles, Crates and more. We’re going to be talking about all the characters that will be released in Season 3 (2021) of Call of Duty: Mobile.

Season 3 will be the largest update yet to the game in terms of sheer content, with the addition of the completely new Tokyo Battle Pass, the PP19 Bizon and the new operator Hidora Kai. Moreover, we’ll also get to play on the brand new map, Coastal, with the critically acclaimed map Oasis arriving from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

COD Mobile Season 3 (2021) Skins

All these skins are confirmed to be a part of the new Season 3 of Call of Duty: Mobile and will be available through purchasing battles, unlocking tiers in the Battle Pass or through free events and objectives, the details of which will be revealed at later dates throughout the season.

For now, here are all the confirmed skins being added to the game in Season 3.

Premium Battle Pass Skins

Spectre – Ninja

spectre - ninja cod mobile season 3 character skin

Hidora – The Boss

hidora - the boss

Takeo – Sensei

takeo - sensei

Zero – Escape

zero - escape  cod mobile season 3 character skin

Lucky Draw Skins

Mace – Final Guard

mace - final guard

High Priest of Chaos

high priest of chaos

Scarlett Rhodes – Cuthroat

scarlett rhodes - cutthroat

Sentinel Recon – Shogun

sentinel recon - shogun

Siren – Artifice

siren - artifice

Bundle Skins

Mil-Slim – JW Grom

mil - sim - JW Grom

Merc 5 – Batalla

merc 5 - batalla

Vivian Harris – Periwinkle

vivian harris - periwinkle

Call of Duty Mobile – Championship 2021

Competitor – Primary

competitor - priamry

Competitor – Alternate

competitor - alternate

Crate Skins

Ajax – Hired Gun

ajax - hired gun

Domino – Lynx

domino - lynx

Kreuger – The Resistance

kreuger - the resistance  cod mobile season 3 character skin

Scylla – Pink Hearted

scylla - pink hearted

Spectre – Ayakashi

spectre - ayakashi

Recon – Honor Bound

recon - honorbound

Firebreak – Eviction

fiirebreak - eviction

Captain – Depth Metal

captain - depth metal

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Free Skins

Park – Spirit

park - spirit

Charly – Knighted

charly - knighted

Charly – Coalition

charly - coalition

Battery – Birthstone

battery - birthstone

Special Ops 2 – Side Scale

special ops 2 - side scale  cod mobile season 3 character skin

Special Ops 5 – Liquid Mercury

speciial ops 5 - liquid mercury

Special Ops 3 – Sea Serpent

special ops 3 - sea serpent

We hope you are as excited for the new COD: Mobile Season 3 as much as we are! Is there any particular character skin you like? Let us know in the comments down below!

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