How to Unlock Equalizer Operator Skill in COD Mobile

Equalizer Operator Skill in COD Mobile Battle Pass

In this guide we explain how you can unlock the Equalizer operator skill in Call of Duty: Mobile. This new skill is available as a free reward in the current Season 10 Battle Pass. One of the best features of COD Mobile is the various things the team has brought to the mobile version from its main Call of Duty franchise. The ability to load up an operator skill for classic game modes is one of them.

When you start playing COD Mobile, there are some default operator skills that are available from day one and you can use them whenever you want. However, there have been a few exclusive and limited-time skills that can only be unlocked in a specific seasonal event i.e. the Katana Operator Skill.

How to Unlock Equalizer Operator Skill

Equalizer Operator Skill in COD Mobile Battle Pass
Equalizer Operator Skill in Season 10 Battle Pass

As mentioned before, this new operator skill is available for free with the Season 10 Battle Pass. You will have to unlock it by playing up till its tier to get it as a free reward. To get it faster, you can always buy the Battle Pass Advantage (Premium Pass Plus) to skip the first 12 tiers.

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Here is how you can get it:

  • From the main game lobby, go to Battle Pass area
  • Scroll ahead in the rewards stream to Tier 14
  • This is where you will see the Equalizer operator skill as a free reward
  • To claim it, you just need enough XP Points to unlock Tier 14 reward

This is a limited-time reward available only in the Battle Pass rewards for Season 10. You still have about 3 weeks to play matches and unlock it.

Equalizer – Overview and Tips

Equalizer Operator Skill in COD Mobile Battle Pass

The new Equalizer operator skill was first seen in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 and it was a popular one with multiplayer matches. This weapon has a short range advantage is being called like a “close-range Death Machine”.

Once activated, you are instantly equipped with two guns that fire similar to the Death Machine operator skill, but it mostly effective for close range kills. It is great for someone who rushes quickly into extreme gunfire and kills everyone with the spam trigger. I can see it using myself a lot in smaller maps like Killhouse.

Here is the official announcement video from COD Mobile:

YouTube video

These are some tips that we think you will find helpful when playing with the Equalizer operator skill.

Instant Kill – You can instantly take down opponents when you aim at them because of the extremely high fire-rate.

Close Range – Like we said earlier, Equalizer is more effective from short to mid range. Just aim at the enemy and press shoot!

High Alert Perk – If combined with the High Alert perk, you can kill a lot more opponents. Every time an enemy sees you, you will be notified and you can quickly kill him.

Always Sprint – Once you have Equalizer activated, simply run around as fast you could shooting away enemies.

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