How to Unlock Ballistic Shield Operator Skill in Call of Duty: Mobile

Ballistic Shield Operation Skill is the latest addition this Season 12 in Call of Duty: Mobile, and let’s see how you can quickly unlock it. Instead of offering this Operator Skill in one of the seasonal challenges, it is available for free in the Battle Pass – the only catch is you will have to grind for it.

There have been a number of new items this season, Refitter class, Launcher Plus perk and several new characters. The new Ballistic Shield is almost bullet-proof and comes with a machine pistol attached to shoot down anyone that comes in your way. This Operator Skill was first launched in Call of Duty: Black Ops 4.

How to Unlock Ballistic Shield Operator Skill

Like we mentioned earlier, Ballistic Shield Operator Skill is available as a free reward in Season 12 Battle Pass. However, to obtain it, you will have to grid up all the way to Tier 14. You have three options to pick when advancing the Battle Pass tiers: you can buy the Premium Pass, you can get Premium Pass Plus or you can continue playing for free till the required level.

Ballistic Shield Operator Skill in COD Mobile Battle Pass

This Operator Skill is available for throughout the Season 12. If you miss it this season, it will eventually return back later in the credit store, but we are not sure when exactly that will happen.

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We have already covered a few tips on how to rank up faster in COD Mobile, but the following tips still stand true for completing the Battle Pass quickly.

  • Complete all the Seasonal Challenges
  • Complete all the Daily tasks
  • Buy the Premium Pass Plus to advance 12 tiers
  • Play the classic Battle Royale mode or the Alcatraz map

This is how you can unlock and play with the new Ballistic Shield in COD Mobile Season 12. Let us know what you think of this Operator Skill when you unlock it. You might have already seen players using it during ranked matches.

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