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Call of Duty Mobile is going to be releasing Season 12 (Going Dark) in a few hours, and here is a list of all the characters that are going to be available in this next COD Mobile update. The update features new and exciting changes including the addition of Night Mode to the already critically acclaimed game.

The characters this time are not exactly following a theme but we have fan favorites such as Ghost and Urban Tracker showing up in the Season 12 Battle Pass! All of them are extremely unique and worth the purchase especially if your a fan of collecting them. The new season is all about dark and night themed modes with specific map that will be playable at night time.

List of all Season 12 Characters

Here is the list of all the new Season 12 characters, credits to MurdablastYT for the massive find. You can expect some of these characters to be free and most of these will be obtainable from bundles, crates and lucky draws.

Captain – Labyrinth

captain labyrinth season 12 characters list

Elite PMC – Red Curtain

elite pmc - red captain

Frank Woods

frank woods

FTL – Second Stage

ftl - second stage

Gaz – Broadsword

gaz broadsword

Ghost – Jawbone

ghost jawbone

Gunzo – Tacticlown

gunzo tacticlown

Javier Salazar – Bronze Arrow

javier salazar bronze arrow

Kamarov – Moonlight Wisp

kamarov moonlight wisp

Merc 1 – Green Terror

merc 1 - green terror

Merc 5 – Impulse

merc 5 - impulse

Merc – Combat Rig

merc combat rig  season 12 characters list

Nomad – Bug Spray

nomad bug spray

Nomad – Going Dark

nomad going dark

Nomad – Lunar Tide

nomad lunar tide season 12 characters list

Outride – Purple Storm

outrider - purple storm

Price – Dead of Night

price - dread of night

Recon – Flickering Shadow

recon - flickering shadow

Roze Murk

rozer murk

Scout – Fire Walker

scout - firewalker season 12 characters list

Sentinel Recon – Primal

sentinel recon - primme

Seraph – Silver Bullet

seraph - silver bullet


templar season 10 cahracterslist

Terrance Brooks – Acid Helix

Terrance Brooks Acid Helix

Urban Tracker – By Night

Urban Tracker By Night

This concludes our list of all the new confirmed characters for Call of Duty Mobile Season 12. Who is your favorite character? Let us know in the comments down below!

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