How to Unlock AGR 556 SMG in Call of Duty: Mobile | Season 12

COD Mobile just launched Season 12 Going Dark globally. The new update includes an all-new Night Mode alongside many other new content updates. Most importantly, however, the developers have finally revealed on how you can unlock the AGR 556 SMG in COD Mobile. Today, we’re going to be showing you how you can unlock the gun in the quickest way possible.

The AGR 556 is a fast-firing SMG that is ported over from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. This model is exactly like the AUG found in the PC version of Call of Duty. The gun is known for its low-recoil and high firepower but quite low range. This is how you can unlock the AGR 556 in Season 12.

How to Unlock AGR 556 SMG

how to unlock AGR 556 in cod mobile

The AGR-556 is a free weapon that can be unlocked by reaching level 21 of the free tier of the Battle Pass. This means that you’ll have to be grinding a fair bit to get your hands on the weapon. For those who have already reached up the higher tiers, check out this recommended AGR 556 gunsmith loadout.

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We recommend you start trying to level up as quickly as you can as the gun might not remain unlockable for every long. Here are some small tips you can follow to level up faster and get the AGR 556 a bit quicker:

  • Buy the Battle Pass Bundle (12 Tier Headstart)
  • Complete all the Weekly Challenges
  • Complete all the Daily Challenges
  • Play shorter game modes (FFA, TDM)

Using all these tips to your advantage should help you get the AGR 556 much quicker than usual. Happy grinding!

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This is how you can unlock and play with the new AGR 556 SMG in COD Mobile Season 12. For other rewards, you can go through the complete Season 12 Battle Pass rewards.

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