Refitter Class, Ballistic Shield Operator Skill, Launcher Plus Perk in COD Mobile Season 12

COD Mobile releases new perks, classes and skills in every seasonal update. This time, the developers have provided the community with exclusive details on what we can expect this time around. We’re going to be getting a new Refitter class, a Ballistic Shield Operator skill and the Launcher Plus perk for COD Mobile in Season 12.

The new classes and skills will be unlockable in the next season through completing a variety of challenges present in featured events. There is no real timeline as to when exactly all of these goodies will be released, but expect them to come out by the first week of the launch of Season 12.

Class, Operator Skill and Perk Details

Now, we’re going to talk about everything we know regarding the new class, operator skills and new perk being added into the game in Season 12. First, let us talk about the new Refitter BR Class:

New Refitter Battle Royale Class

According to Call of Duty Mobile’s recent Twitter post, the new Refitter BR class will be coming out on the 4th of December 2020. Players will have to wait a bit before they can try the new class out.

Like every other Battle Royale class, the Refitter class has an active and a passive ability. The active ability called Armor Pack allows players to drop armour packs that can be used by the entire squad. The armour pack reduces damage taken on body shots (not the head.)

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The passive ability of the Refitter BR class is called Engineer which slowly repairs and improves the durability of the player’s armour and vehicles. The class will be unlockable through a Featured event called Beasts Of The Burden, details of which will be released soon.

Launcher Plus Perk

Launcher Plus Perk and Refitter Skill Leak COD Mobile Season 12

COD Mobile will also be releasing a new perk called Launcher Plus for Casual and Ranked Multiplayer gamemodes that will allow players to increase their ranged Rocket Launcher’s ammo capacity by 1. This perk will apply to all current launchers in the game.

Ballistic Shield Operator Skill

Ballistic Sheild Operator Skill Leak COD Mobile Season 12

The Ballistic Shield from Black Ops 4 is coming to COD: Mobile. It is an Operator skill that allows players to protect themselves from incoming fire and equips them with an automated pistol. The shield’s pistol allows them to shoot without un-equipping the Shield and it will feature 100 rounds.

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That’s everything we currently know about the new skills and perks being added into COD Mobile Season 12! Stay tuned for more news.

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