How to Unlock the New Akimbo Perk for Fennec in COD Mobile

Akimbo Perk in COD Mobile

After all the wait and tease by Call of Duty: Mobile, the Akimbo Perk has finally been released in the game. The ongoing season 11 in COD Mobile has given us many new updates and features and this perk is the latest to be dropped in the game.

The perk comes with the new Mythic Weapon, Fennec – Ascended. It’s not necessary to buy the lucky draw to get the perk. You can easily grind for it, and it’ll be in your hands in no time. So, let’s see what you’ll have to do in order to unlock the brand new Akimbo Perk.

What is Akimbo Perk?

The Akimbo perk basically allows you to carry two guns, each in one hand, at the same time. Obviously you’ll be hip-firing with the weapons, but the mag size will increase, since you will be having a weapon in each hand.

It’ll come in very handy if your role is of an entry fragger or a rusher. You’ll be having great mobility and the time to kill with this perk will be great too, since the bullets will be coming out of both guns.

How to Unlock Akimbo Perk

How to unlock the Akimbo Perk in COD Mobile

It’s very easy to grind for the perk, and you’ll unlock it in a very short span of time. All you have to do is kill 3 enemies without dying, 30 times. Keep in mind, you’ll have to die after killing three enemies, then after respawning, kill three enemies again, then die again, and repeat. It will hardly take 3 to 4 games to complete the task assigned.

Go out there and play the hardpoint mode on Shipment map, and it won’t be long before you’ll be rocking the Akimbo perk on your gun.

Fennec – Compatible Gun with Akimbo Perk

Fennec SMG will have the new Akimbo Perk

Currently, only the Fennec – SMG allows you to use this perk. Maybe in future we might see it being available for other SMGs and for pistols as well. But, only time will tell, what the developers have in mind for the future. As for right now, enjoy the Fennec equipped with this latest perk.

This was all about the newly arrived Akimbo Perk in COD Mobile. Literally, the developers have been so kind throughout the entire season, and have not stopped giving the players more and more new features in the game. This perk is just another example of that.

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