Fennec – Ascended: Everything You Need to Know | First Mythic Weapon in COD Mobile

Fennec Ascended is going to be the first ever mythic weapon in COD Mobile

The season 11 of COD Mobile is in full swing and there’s no stopping Activision from dropping brand new stuff in the game every other day. The latest update that Call of Duty: Mobile will be receiving is the first ever Mythic tier weapon, in the form of the Fennec Ascended.

The Fennec SMG, will be the first gun to get the Akimbo perk as well as the Mythic tier skin. We have the release date of the upcoming weapon tier and some details to go with it. So, let’s get right into it!

What is Mythic Tier Weapon?

Currently, we have four weapon tiers in the game. Starting from common, we end at legendary, with rare and epic tiers in between them. Now, the latest Mythic tier will be above the legendary status. It’s going to be the rarest weapon version that you can unlock, and probably the best.

How will Fennec – Ascended Work / Look ?

The legendary weapons, right now, have some of the most beautiful skins in COD Mobile. They turn enemies into pumpkins, lava, send them into oblivion, and whatnot! Now, coming to the main point, the Fennec Ascended mythic weapon seems like, it’ll be changing color with every kill. Starting from orange and ending with blue, as can be seen in the trailer below.

Obviously it’ll have a death effect, and has also got a lot of shine and grace to it, along with the bright changing of colors. Using this weapon will be so exciting, as it’s the first of it’s kind, and will be a great first experience.

Fennec – Ascended Release Date | First Mythic Weapon

As you can see from the tweet of COD Mobile, the teased weapon version is going to make it’s way into the game in a week’s time. To be more precise, we’ll have the Fennec Ascended in our hands on 6th of November.

We don’t know yet, whether it’ll come in a crate or a lucky draw, but in either case, start saving your COD Points to purchase the mythic gun.

Lastly, the mythic weapon won’t have any sort of advantage over any other gun. Even the developers said in the 29th October Community Update of COD Mobile:

“Nothing about this is meant to alter gameplay balance or make you better competitively, but it is meant to make your item look unique, just like reactive camos or death effects.”

In the end, it’ll be fun to use the newest category of weapon once it appears in the game. We’ll have more mythic guns coming soon after the Fennec Ascended, hopefully.

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