COD Mobile Adds New Weapon Attachments for AK-47, HVK30, Fennec

New weapon attachments for AK-47, HVK-30 and the Fennec in COD Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile is about to update some its popular weapons like the AK-47, HVK-30 and Fennec with brand new weapon attachments. It seems, the content that’s coming in the Season 11 update of COD Mobile, is not going to stop.

The Anniversary update is the best, the game has received in it’s short history of one year. COD Mobile is only getting better day by day, and is sweeping the floor with its competitors. Today, we’ll take a look at the new weapon attachments that have already been or will be released, for the AK-47, HVK-30 and the Fennec, respectively. So, let’s dive right into it.

AK-47 – 5.45 Caliber Ammo

AK-47 has always been a great assault rifle, throughout all seasons. In the latest update, it has got itself a 5.45 caliber ammo attachment. It increases the fire rate by a great amount, which can help you win gunfights against some of the slower firing weapons. However, There are some cons of the attachment, which we’ll mention below.


  • Increased fire rate


  • Reduced close range damage
  • Reduced range
  • More recoil

The advantage comes with a lot of cons, so it’s up to you if you want to try this attachment or not. There are many better guns out there which can win you gunfights against the AK, even with this attachment.

AK-47 New Weapon Attachments

How to Unlock 5.45 Caliber Ammo for AK-47

Unlocking the attachment isn’t really difficult. All you have to do is get 50 long distance kills with the AK-47. So, go out there in Crossfire or Highrise and complete the task to get your AK to fire faster.

HVK-30 – Large Caliber Ammo

Second on the list, is the large caliber ammo for HVK-30. HVK has got a huge buff with the addition of this attachment, and is suddenly becoming the go-to AR, alongside DRH and ICR-1. Unlike the AK-47 attachment, the new weapon attachment for HVK-30 has some great positives, with only a few sacrifices in the cons column.


  • Increased Damage
  • Increased Range
  • Increased Limb Hit Rate


  • More vertical Recoil
  • Reduced Magazine Capacity
  • Reduced ADS Speed

A great attachment to rock on the HVK. It changes HVK from good to a great gun. As for the cons, the recoil pattern of the HVK is pretty easy to memorize, it’s mainly vertical, which can be controlled easily.

The magazine capacity reduces to 25 with 4 more mags to follow, so you might wanna run Vulture Perk while using it. And you can use the stippled grip tape or the OWC tactical laser for increasing the ADS speed.

How to Unlock Large Caliber Ammo for HVK-30

You had to get 50 longshot kills to unlock the 5.45 caliber for AK-47. Similarly, for the HVK-30 you have to get 50 kills, but all of them should be headshots. Unlock this attachment to make the HVK-30 overpowered.

Fennec – Akimbo Weapon Perk

Coming later in the season, the Akimbo perk will allow players to fire dual weapons at the same time. Reportedly, as of now, the community believes that it’ll be available only for the Fennec SMG. But you never know, we might see the attachment for some other SMGs as well.

Since the perk hasn’t been released yet, so we don’t really know what are it’s pros and cons. But, supposedly, it’ll come with some disadvantages, otherwise, everyone will start using it.

Two of the three new weapon attachments, are already in the game, whereas, the Akimbo perk will also be releasing soon. Tell us, in the comments, what you think about these new weapon attachments, and which one you are looking forward to, the most.

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