COD Mobile October 29 Update | Undead Fog, Hardcore Collection, Credit Store Update

Pumpkin Confirmed - Call of Duty: Mobile

COD Mobile has already released a new October 29 community update with tons of new Halloween related content. This will be the third update for Season 11 and the new in-game modes haven’t stopped yet. Call of Duty: Mobile is going all out with new game modes, challenges to complete and plenty of more rewards to unlock.

The main highlight this week will be the new Undead Fog mode in Battle Royale and plenty of new Multiplayer modes coming later this week. Not to miss, there has been a credit store update and it now features the Epic weapon Man-O-War – Cardinal.

Here is a quick look of all the events starting today in COD Mobile October 29 update:

  • 10/23 – 11/01 ~ Pumpkin Confirmed Event & Playlist (MP)
  • 10/23 – 11/01 ~ Halloween Standoff Playlist (MP)
  • 10/26 – 11/01 ~ Attack of the Undead Playlist (MP)
  • 10/30 – 11/05 ~ Undead Fog (BR)
  • 10/30 – 11/10 ~ Hardcore Collection (MP)
  • 10/30 ~ Credit Store Update
  • 11/02 – 11/10 ~ Capture and Hold (MP)
  • 11/02 – 11/10 ~ Secondary School (MP)
  • 11/02 – 11/10 ~ 10v10 Rust Playlist (MP)

All dates mentioned above are in UTC.

Undead Fog

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As it was teased earlier this week, Undead Fog is finally here and you can now play it exclusively in Battle Royale mode. Since players had been requesting Activision to bring back zombies, they finally did — just not the way you were expecting. While playing BR matches in COD Mobile, you will get attacked by zombies out of nowhere and also experience frightening fog. So while you have to defend yourself against 100 others, now you will also have to be extra careful and be on the lookout for these gruesome creatures.

This is a featured event that comes with a variety of Halloween themed rewards. Most of them are Battle Royale skins themed to the holiday, but the most unique item to snag is an Epic calling card – Devil’s Horns. Play the Battle Royale, take out zombies, and you’ll find yourself collecting these rewards.

The zombies will be around throughout the whole event length, but the fog itself is an experience only available on Halloween Day (October 31 UTC).

Other Modes and Events

Zombies in Battle Royale Mode - Call of Duty: Mobile

As you can see the events calendar above, there is a lot going on in the Multiplayer playlists side. There are a variety of other modes or maps still live right now that are themed to Halloween as well. Since Pumpkin Confirmed, Halloween Standoff and Attack of the Undead are going away on November 1, make sure you snag all the available rewards. Here are a few of them you can collect right now:

  • (Epic) Charm – Pumpkin Smile
  • (Rare) Weapon – DL Q33 – Jack O’ Lantern
  • (Rare) Weapon – MSMC – Jack O’ Lantern
  • (Rare) Sticker – Deadlocks

Credit Store Update

Credit Store October 29 Update - Call of Duty: Mobile

A lot of you were impatiently waiting for this week’s credit store update, because it brings the Man-O-War – Cardinal, the weapon the community voted on. This epic weapon blueprint is available for just 10K credits, half of the normal price, but it will only be available in the credit store until November 10.

As for the other item,s there is plenty of other new items you can buy from the credits you earn while playing. Here is a list of new items in the store:

  • (Uncommon) Parachute – Eagle Feather
  • (Uncommon) Wingsuit – Eagle Feather
  • (Rare) Special Ops 2 – Copilot
  • Battle Royale Class – Smoke Bomber
  • (Epic) Calling Card – Give Wing a Chance
  • (Epic) Man-O-War – Cardinal

Lastly, there are some known bugs and glitches that the COD Mobile team is aware of and is requesting the community to report back so they can be fixed as soon as possible. There is the overheating issue on iOS devices due to the new frame rate cap. Then we have the problem of disappearing weapons and not being able to shoot down enemies.

Hopefully, these bugs will be taken care off very soon by the next time we hear from the team.

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